5 Tips to Preserve Your Petrol

We had a nice little treat at the beginning of the year with the petrol price drop, didn’t we?

Suddenly we all had a little extra cash in our wallets and a little more petrol in our tanks, to get to where we wanted to go.

Ah…. Good times.

But of course, what goes down, must go back up, and the inevitably rising fuel price along with the new levy will have us all swapping our smiles for scowls at the petrol pump again soon.

With that in mind, whatever the price per litre is when you read this, here are a few things you can do before you fill up again to make your tank last a little longer.

  1. Don’t drive so fast- or so furious

According to to an article on instash, when you drive aggressively you use more petrol. So save your rage and stick to the speed limit. Consider listening to classic FM or an audio book to keep you mellow in traffic.

  1. Tyre your car out

Not only should you be doing this regularly, just as a safety precaution, but when your tyres are a little more ‘pap’, they offer more rolling resistance, which means you use more petrol to move the car along. So fill your tyres before your tank… Because, you know, air is free.

  1. Get your gears into gear

If you’re driving in a high gear, at a low speed, or the other way around, you’re using more petrol than you need to.

  1. All that junk inside your trunk

Carrying around any additional, unnecessary weight in your car means that you’re using more fuel to get by. This is a good reason to clean out your car, or to cut back on the pastries… But it’s definitely not permission to kick your mother-in-law out of the car and make her walk.

  1. Keep your windows closed

Open windows contribute to drag on the car, which in turn means you’re, once again, using too much fuel. Another added advantage to having the windows closed means that no-one can hear you belting out your best Bon Jovi renditions at the red lights.


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