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14Dec 2016

5 ways to keep your holiday spending under control

As the year ends (and not a minute too soon!) it’s time to do what many of us fear… Shop for the holidays.

It’s so easy to lose control… Some of us overspend just to avoid spending days finding something suitable for a 3-year-old who freaks out if she sees the colour green. Or, we spoil our families with feasts with all the trimmings, 3 times a day, every day, when really, ordinary meals would do just as well most of the time. Or, we overspend because we’re particularly gifted when it comes to the art of gift-buying and we like to get all the extras. And the wrappings and cards.

Whatever the case, it happens. And your wallet notices.

It might be holiday time but that doesn’t mean it’s also blow-your-budget time! Check out our top tips for indulging your whims while still keeping your savings on track.

#1. The obvious 1… Create a holiday budget

Obviously, your first step is to check what funds you have to spend on holiday fun. From there you map out how much you can afford for each aspect. Set out what you’ll need to budget for, from accommodation and outings to groceries and gifts.

#2. Avoid the binge

Now that you’ve got a budget, you can stick to what amounts to a financial diet. But, that said, we all know that all diets offer some freedom to cheat… So if something you haven’t planned for pops up (or into your shopping cart) consider it carefully. It’s also a good idea to set a threshold amount for unexpected costs. And stick to it!

#3. Don’t try to be everything to everyone

You have your limits… And so does your money! There are only so many dinners and events that you can sign up for. Don’t sign up for a guilt trip every time someone invites you to do something! If it’s not in your budget, just say ‘no’. The people who matter don’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter.

#4. Agree on a gift policy

Christmas is really all about the kids, right? So how about applying some limits to pressies for the adults… Boundaries that’ll help everyone over 18 manage their gift and financial expectations. Some families draw a name or 2 out of a hat and only buy for those people. Others simply cap the amount they spend per gift. And still others only give hand-made gifts. And… Kids love crafts, right? So consider applying this rule to them too!

#5. Don’t over-think things

Yes, this is a weird thing to put out there… But you don’t do yourself any favours spending days on Pinterest researching great gift, food and holiday decor ideas. It’ll only make you feel guilty about not making and baking every single dish from scratch, and you’ll be pale with shame about not upcycling pallets and Mason jars into gifts for your third cousin and her 7 kids. Mostly, you’ll just set yourself up for failure. Trust us!

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Whatever is valuable to you, is valuable to us too. So, this festive season, relax… We’ve got you covered. Get a quote today and see how much you can save!