The 10 strangest things ever insured

Have you ever called your insurance company and felt a little bit skaam asking whether or not they would cover a slightly more…unusual object?

Like Auntie Buhle’s antique dentures… Your state-of-the-art electric back scratcher…. That gumball machine you won at an arcade back in ’96….

Well, today is your lucky today, because we’re looking back at some of the strangest items and incidents that have ever been insured. After looking at some of these kooky insurance policies, you’ll realise you don’t have any reason to be embarrassed…. Especially when you’re insured with the craziest, coolest insurance company of them all.

  1. Coconut-ted Noggins

After a not-so researched study in 1984, by Dr. Peter Brass published “Injury Due to Falling Coconut”, and holiday-makers were suddenly more afraid of the falling fruit on the beach than they were of sharks in the sea. Club Direct, a British travel company, was prompted to take out “injury by falling coconut insurance”, which to date has had just one, non-fatal claim.

  1. Santa’s beard

Lloyds of London insures the beard of Brady the ‘official’ Santa Claus of massive department store, Macy’s.

  1. Keith Richard’s middle finger

The Rolling Stones’ rocker might seem invulnerable to the years of abuse he’s allegedly inflicted on his own body, but apparently his guitar-fingers are not quite as durable, with the middle one alone being insured for $1.5 million.

  1. Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Of course the answer is ‘everybody!’ (except billionaires, probably). The game show has an insurance policy against anyone actually winning the million bucks though, just so that they don’t have to resort to filming the next season on a cellphone.

  1. Aliens

Lloyds of London has apparently issued almost 60 000 policies against alien abduction, or being turned into a werewolf or vampire…. We just find it scary that people are actually willing to pay a monthly premium for such crazy policies.

  1. Lottery-winning employees

We all secretly want to win the lottery so we can quit our day jobs to go and live in a giant tree house in the middle of Guam… Right? Right. But what happens to the employers left with a big gaping hole in their workforce? You guessed it, lottery-winners’ insurance. We’re guessing those employers won’t spend it on a ‘going away’ party…

  1. The Loch Ness monster

First aliens and now prehistoric, lake monsters…. What next? Back in the 70’s, Cutty Sark, a whisky maker, though it would be fun to launch a competition offering £1 million to anyone who could capture old Nessie alive. They also insured themselves against someone actually capturing the water-bound beast. Maybe they’d had a few sips on their own supply, because no one has come forth with a specimen in the last 40 years.

  1. Miley Cyrus’ tongue

Because who’s going to insure her music? Hahahahaha! We’re just kidding…

  1. Falling satellites

You know, just because the coconuts haven’t gotten you, doesn’t mean you’re safe from falling space-junk

10. Zombie apocalypse

This has to be one of our favourites…. We do just have one question though…. If the world is overrun by undead monsters, who’s going to stop running away long enough to process your claim?

We hope that this list has given you a good laugh.

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