How affordable is your car insurance really?

When last did you take the time to check what your car is currently worth and then compared it to the so-called affordable car insurance premium that your current insurer is charging you? As would be expected, and by no fault on your part, the answer might very well be that you rarely or never do. However, did you know that almost with every minute that passes, your vehicle’s value depreciates?

Yes, it doesn’t matter if it’s a flashy, top-of-the-range sports car or the conservative family car. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you drive it every day or just stare at it, obsessing over the fine swooping lines of the body and the hand stitched leather upholstery… Bottom line is regardless of what your car is worth to you, as you read this, its market value is already depreciating.

With this in mind, now think about whether you really do have affordable car insurance that is linked to the current value of your car. You’re still paying the same, or an even higher premium for a car that no longer has the same value as it did when you cheerfully drove it off the lot for the first time. Surely the car insurance quote you selected at the time of purchasing your car seemed reasonable but is it still so affordable now that your car has since depreciated in value?

All hope, however, is not lost. Here at King Price we have recognised this loophole in the insurance market and have the initiative to offer trulyaffordable car insurance by reducing the premium you pay each month as your car depreciates. Yes, it’s possible to pay less every month for your insurance as your car gets older and, no, there is no catch. Simply put, we offer the same insurance cover as everyone else just at a super cheap price and it gets cheaper every month.  Honest affordibilty that can not be beaten..

You see, what happens most of the time is that old-school car insurance giants entice you with their cash-back bonuses and the whole la-di-da of you getting so much more out than you’re putting in. However, if you really think about it, all you’re getting is your own excess money that was accumulated from your inflated car insurance premium. To add insult to injury, you might not even get such a bonus if you dare to claim. Get URL of the page with the needed data.

On the other hand, we at King Price have taken the focus away from making as much profit as possible and fixed our attention on you.  By makingyou number one and trying to let you get the most out of your insurance cover by letting you save on your insurace immediately.. The king decreases your premiums with every month that passes, leaving you with more money in the bank and a big, happy smile on your face.

So, now that you know the secret behind truly afforable insurance, why don’t you request a car insurance quote right here, right now…  It’s time to save on your insurance.

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