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14Sep 2016

The art to buying the perfect present

perfect present

There’s nothing quite like seeing the expression on that special someone’s face when they’ve unwrapped a perfect present you spent forever looking for… You know the look that we’re talking about. There’s a split second of “what-on-earth” before a sugary sweet, fake as xylitol smile appears. Usually, it’s accompanied with a, “Oh, you shouldn’t have…”

It’s a very different look to the 1 you get when you’ve bought exactly what they want; when you’ve hit the sweet spot. If that’s the look you want, and of course, if you want to spoil your nearest and dearest, then you need to sharpen up those present-buying skills. And what better way than with these 4 tips that are sure to help you perfect the art of buying the perfect present.

No. 1. Plan a covert shopping trip

For this to work, you have to set things in motion a little while before the date of the gift-giving or you’ll raise suspicions. That’s why we’re leading with this tip, so you’ll have plenty of time to get together a list of present ideas and once you have your list, you can head out for a little shopping trip with your giftee. While you’re shopping you can take out your list of ideas and covertly see what they think of each 1.

This way, you’ll get the inside scoop before you spend the bucks.

No. 2. Release your inner stalker

In order to get your list of ideas ready, you’ll need to get a little sneaky. Hit up their social media and check out what they’ve liked, saved, and posted about. Chat to people close to them and see if they’ve talked about anything they want or like. Even if you’ve got to set up someone on the inside to cunningly talk about the upcoming event and what they would most like, do what you can to get the info you need.

They’ll be pretty surprised and delighted if you somehow found just the thing they wanted without even asking… And that they may have even forgotten they wanted themselves.

No. 3. Make a list, check it twice

Put together a list of a bunch of things your giftee is interested in and things you think define who they are. Then you can brainstorm something to go with every item on the list. Not every idea will be a good gift, but you’ll have more than enough to find a winner or 2. You might even find a few small winners which could make an impressively personal combo gift.

No. 4. Add a touch of you

Here’s where you can add a little bit of yourself and really put on the personal touch. If you’re known for your culinary skills, you can make a batch of brownies, or if you’re handy with a tool, then make them a “2 hours of labour” voucher. Or you can create a piece of art, write a song, knit a scarf… Things like this are particularly great on their own or to add to any of your ideas from above.

Bonus tip: the gift that keeps on giving

At King Price, we’ve got our own suggestion for the perfect gift. It’s the gift of decreasing premiums which you can pass on to your own nearest and dearest. Not only do you, as a royal client, benefit from our decreasing premiums and royal treatment, but just by sharing your love for King Price and our super cheap insurance through our royal referral programme, you’ll get up to R400 for every person who joins the kingdom.

Between you getting rewarded for sharing the love and their enjoying super cheap cover that decreases monthly, it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Go on, share the love… And the savings!