Basic car checklist you can do at home

Basic car checklist that’s free (because you can do it at home on your own)

Did you know that the average South African drives around 12,000km every year? To a travelling supplier, that probably doesn’t seem like much. To a regular Joe, living in a small town in the Karoo, it probably seems ridiculously high.

No matter how much you wrack up on the odometer, your car still requires regular check-ups to ensure that all mechanical and electrical components are working properly. The good news is that you don’t need to be an auto expert or even particularly mechanically inclined to be able to complete basic car checks. And once these check-ups are done, you can easily get any spare parts you might need, 

These simple checks will help you reduce your risk of a breakdown on the side of the road or a sky-high repair bill, especially as your car gets older.

Use this handy 10-point checklist which you can complete at home:

      1. Headlights: Make sure both your high and low beams are working.
      2. Signal lights: Check your hazards + your front and back signal lights.
      3. Engine oil: Check levels and top up as needed, but remember to never change your oil when the engine is hot.
      4. Dashboard lights: Check to see if any fuses have blown.
      5. Transmission fluid: Check levels and top up as needed.
      6. Important lights: Check that your brake lights, parking lights, and reverse lights are all working.
      7. Radiator coolant: Check levels and top up as needed.
      8. Battery: A good battery connection is the key to a smooth ride, so check that all cables are securely connected and make sure you don’t have any leaks. .
      9. Power steering fluid: Check levels and top up as needed.
      10. Wipers: Lift up the blades and take a peek to check for signs of wear ‘n tear or damage.
      11. Windscreen washer fluid: Check levels and top up as needed.
      12. Tyres: Inspect your tyres for signs of wear ‘n tear and buy a tyre air pressure gauge for your glove compartment so you can check air pressure every month or before a long trip.

    Download our handy 10-point checklist which you can complete at home.

    If anything is out of the ordinary, don’t ignore it. While we’ve given you important tips that will help you keep your car running smoother and reduce your risk on the road, there are some things that are better left to the professionals.

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