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06Nov 2019
Waterproof your home

Some areas of the country are still waiting for the rain to fall, while in others, it doesn’t feel like the summer fun has really begun because of all the grey skies and rain-soaked days. Sounds poetic (if we dare say so ourselves) but the chaps without rain are suffering and the 1s who haven’t […]

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06Sep 2019
Sell your home quicker
Sell your home quicker

The 4 best tricks of the home-selling trade Guys… The housing market is competitive, which is great for buyers, but rough on sellers. For reals, it’s an actual joke to get your house on the market and sell it for the price that you want. We’ve looked around and seen loads of people struggle to […]

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07May 2019
Buildings Insurance
The lengths burglars go to, to break in

Look, we won’t lie to you. We haven’t done it in the past and have zero intention of doing it now. So when we tell you that the layout of your home could easily be enticing burglars, please believe us. Basically, 3 years ago it was discovered that home burglaries are the third most common […]

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06Jun 2018
Keep your house, family, and wallet safe this winter

You either love it or you hate, but 1 thing’s for sure… You can’t ignore it. That’s right, we’re talking about winter. The colder months bring delicious soups, roaring fires, and multiple snuggling opportunities. On the flip side, it also brings icy toes, higher electricity usage, and increased risks of damage to your home. We’re […]

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19Jun 2017
Home owner
Should You Purchase Your Home Loan Provider’s Buildings Insurance?

Purchasing a home is one of the most rewarding investments you can make in your lifetime. But, being a homeowner also presents a high level of responsibility such as safeguarding this valuable asset from damage. Unfortunately, we’re still a long way from floating homes, which means that a buildings insurance policy is currently your only […]

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08Sep 2016
The low down on powering up your home

The low down on powering up your home Remember when electricity didn’t cost an arm and a leg? Seriously, electricity has started taking a heftier chunk out of our budgets than ever before. Sure, you can go for the quick fix and invest in a generator, but this isn’t your only option and it probably […]

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