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14Aug 2019
Healthy tips for the frequent business traveller

Conquering the business world 1 business trip at a time? Good for you! Here in our kingdom, we’re big believers in home-grown entrepreneurs and how they have the power to rock our economy into a positive existence. You guys are seriously the backbone of our economy and we salute the long hours, the sacrifice, all […]

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24Oct 2018
Protect your online business with cybersure from King Price

Cyberattacks are part and parcel of the modern world in which we live. It’s unthinkable for business owners not to have some sort of digital and online presence, whether it’s online marketing and social media, or computers for administration, processing, and banking. The king noticed that, with so many businesses and people connected to computers […]

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17Oct 2018
Do you need business interruption insurance?

How this policy can save your business A fire in the canteen, a nasty break-in at the office, or flooding in the stock room… Unfortunately, bad things happen to good businesses. And when they do, it’s quite likely that you’ll need to shut down your money-maker to manage the crisis. When a business closes down […]

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10Oct 2018
What isn’t covered by the king’s office contents insurance Part 2

Tidal waves and other office contents exclusions The nitty gritty about what’s not covered   Yes, it’s true. We don’t cover damages or losses to your office contents that’s caused by tidal wave. Or as a result of any underground workings of a mine. Or damage by zombies. But just how would you know all […]

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03Oct 2018
What isn’t covered by the king’s office contents insurance Part 1

The key to understanding office contents exclusions   Our royal office contents insurance packs quite the punch with all the things that are included. We really wanted to make sure that no risky stone or damaging peril was left unturned (or uncovered). Even so, there are a few things which the king just doesn’t cover. […]

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26Sep 2018
Engineering insurance
The 411 of engineering insurance

Engineering insurance by King Price is professional, specialised cover for the niche risks that engineering contracts, plant and works encounter, as well as cover for third party liability that insured incidents in this space could incur. Businesses and industries are becoming more proactive when it comes to managing risk. Particularly, the construction and engineering sector. […]

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