Cancel your current insurance policy

Ten easy steps to cancel your existing insurance and start saving with King Price

Step 1: Call your current insurance company, with your ID or policy number on hand.

Step 2: Advise your current insurer that you would like to cancel your current policy.

Step 3: Your insurer will ask what the reason is that you want to cancel.

Step 4: Advise your insurer that you got a better deal from King Price!

Step 6: Your insurer will ask you: “did they offer you a cheaper premium”?

Step 7: Advise your current insurer: “Not only did they offer me a cheaper rate, but the benefits are extra-ordinary such as the fact that your car insurance premium DECREASES monthly”.

Step 8: Your insurer will ask: “what premium did they offer you”?

Step 9: Do not disclose the amount, as what’s the point? They won’t be able to decrease your premium monthly like the king, even if they match the premium we have offered you…

Step 10:  Instruct them that the last date of the cover with them will be the day before your cover will start with King Price, and smile.