Why you can’t live without car insurance

A good insurance plan is a must-have if you’re a car owner. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be a very safe driver, the fact remains that if you don’t have a protective vehicle policy, you face financial risk every time you drive.

Comprehensive cover will provide you with peace of mind in the event that your car is stolen or if you’re in an accident. Vehicle insurance can get quite expensive, which is why you should do your research thoroughly before approaching a reputable service provider, like King Price.

If you educate yourself beforehand, you’ll understand the exact parameters of the policy you choose.

Some of the benefits of vehicle insurance include:

  • Accident cover
  • Third party cover
  • Theft and hijacking cover
  • Accidental damage caused by third parties
  • Fire cover

It is important to note that we offer varying levels of coverage, thus enabling you to choose the right policy for your specific needs.

Comprehensive plans, such as the ones you’ll find at King Price, are usually all inclusive, providing cover for accidents, theft, hijackings and accidental or third party damage.

However, you can also choose packages that offer only a selection of the options listed above, such as accident, fire and theft cover, or only third party cover. Each policy is unique, and ultimately the decision lies with you.

What sets King Price apart from every other Tom, Dick and Harry is that our comprehensive car insurance premiums decrease on a monthly basis. In fact, we offer you the most affordable options around, so it’s no wonder that we wear the insurance crown.