Car insurance and why you need it

Car insurance in South Africa isn’t just an item you can check off your to-do list. It’s as crucial as having fuel to get you where you want to go, a clear windshield to view the road ahead, and a functioning GPS to guide your journey.

The risks of leaving your vehicle unprotected are no different from braving a storm without an umbrella. Even the most careful drivers can’t control every variable on the road. That’s where King Price steps in, to give you the peace of mind you need when navigating South Africa’s roads.

The facts on the freeway

According to AA statistics, nearly 65% of vehicles cruising South African roads are uninsured. That’s startling, considering the number of accidents, car thefts, break-ins, and hi-jackings reported annually. The reality is that without car insurance, the financial burden of these incidents can be debilitating.

Just think of the numbers: Approximately 10,000 cars are stolen, about 5,000 drivers face hi-jackings, and nearly 60,000 cars are broken into yearly in South Africa. Then consider the multitude of accidents occurring daily, as documented here. Suddenly, the importance of having car insurance isn’t just clear; it’s a blaring siren.

King Price: Your reliable co-pilot

Swap the horror film with an action-packed hero flick, where King Price is your trusted sidekick. Our mission is to provide affordable, comprehensive and reliable car insurance. Our insurance products are crafted to secure you against all possible mishaps. We pave the path for simple cheap insurance from the day you join.

Eager to learn more? Contact us today for a commitment-free quote and begin your journey to stress-free car insurance. With King Price, you’re not just insured, but cared for. Let’s navigate the road ahead, together.

Car insurance and why you need it
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Car insurance and why you need it
Uncover how important it is to have car insurance in South Africa with King Price, your partner in providing affordable and comprehensive cover.
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