Does your car insurance have third party cover?

Finding the right car insurance is essential to safeguard your beloved set of wheels. In order to meet varying needs and cater to differing budgets, King Price provides customers with a wide selection of vehicle cover options.

Third party insurance is one such option. Allow us to tell you more about what this coverage offers.

What’s third party Insurance?

Simply put, with this option, you are the first party in all personal claims; your insurer is the second. Therefore, the third refers to the driver or passengers of any other car involved in a road accident.

This particular type of cover deals specifically with injuries, property loss and damages sustained by others, for which you are held reliable. It doesn’t include your own medical expenses or repairs to your car, even when these are caused by the negligence of a third party. As a result, this kind of insurance tends to be the most inexpensive package on offer.

Is third party insurance included in other vehicle cover options?

As the most basic form of car insurance, all other packages automatically include third party cover. On its own, this does not protect your personal assets, and you are advised to peruse all the available bundles before deciding on a plan. Keep in mind that some protection is way better than none at all.

When would you be advised to select this cover?

There are four scenarios in which your broker or insurer will suggest you choose this type of cover, namely:

  • When your car has been paid in full, as maintenance becomes its only expense.
  • Once your vehicle reaches a particular age or relatively low monetary value.
  • If you’re planning to drive beyond South Africa’s borders, because many countries, such as Zimbabwe, Namibia and Lesotho, require foreigners to have third party insurance.
  • When you simply can’t afford any other car insurance cover.

If you’ve taken out vehicle insurance, third party cover is probably included in the policy. It’s certainly added to every package offered by King Price.

Browse through our car insurance options today and select the cover that best protects your motor vehicle and suits your wallet.