Cellphone insurance to safeguard your tech gizmos

Get cellphone insurance as part of portable possessions cover from King Price

We’re all too familiar with the heart-dropping horror of watching our beloved phone take a swan dive into the bath or get hi-jacked by a toddler’s sticky fingers, or worse… A sneaky thief. So, we’ve done what it takes to make it less traumatising because the king has your back. Take full advantage of our portable possessions cover to enjoy affordable cellphone insurance.

We take the hassle out of cellphone insurance

Let’s face it, today’s phones are particularly pricey, so why waste a lot of money buying a new phone or repairing it, when you can contact King Price for a comprehensive insurance quote on cellphone cover under your portable possessions policy? With the chance to save money and deal with a team of people known for being friendly and professional, you can rest assured that it doesn’t need to be a huge hassle to get awesome cellphone insurance in South Africa.

Proven protectors of everything from your car to your home, we’re pretty skilled when it comes to shielding your pocket companions as well. You can also get insurance cover for more than 1 cellphone with the greatest of ease and enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that the king and his court value your stuff just as much as you do.

Complete honesty, transparency, and no hidden clauses

When it comes to our cellphone insurance, what you see is what you get. That’s right… No weird conditions and no surprise terms. We don’t do fine print and we don’t hide anything from you when providing cellphone insurance as part of our portable possessions policy. So, you don’t need to worry about any hidden clause creeping up on you when you need to claim, as we’ll take the utmost care to explain your portable possessions policy to you when you sign up.

If you’re keen to get the most sensible and reasonable premiums on cellphone insurance, click here for a commitment-free quote.

Please note: Cellphone insurance is available as additional cover under your portable possessions policy.

Cellphone insurance to safeguard your tech gizmos
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Cellphone insurance to safeguard your tech gizmos
Discover the benefits of King Price's comprehensive cellphone insurance, bundled as part of our portable possessions cover. Get peace of mind knowing we're protecting your valuable phone with complete transparency and no hidden clauses. Request a quote today!
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King Price Insurance
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