Cellphone insurance

Get cellphone insurance as part of portable possessions cover from King Price Insurance

We’ve done what it takes to make it less traumatising for you to see your mobile phone sail away with a crook or get dunked in the sink by your three year old niece. So make sure that the king has your back – take full advantage of our portable possessions insurance to enjoy affordable cellphone cover.

We take the hassle out of cellphone insurance

Let’s face it, today’s mobile phones are particularly pricey, so why waste a lot of money buying a new phone or repairing it, when you can contact King Price for a comprehensive insurance quote on cellphone cover under your portable possessions policy? With so much more bang for your buck provided and the friendliest, most professional service around, you can rest assured that it doesn’t need to be a hassle to get the best cellphone insurance in South Africa.

We’ve mastered the art of insuring motor vehicles and other types of property, so we are confident that we know our stuff when it comes to insurance for cellphones and other portable possessions. You can also get insurance cover for more than one mobile phone with the greatest of ease and enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that the king and his court values your stuff just as much as you do.

Complete honesty, transparency and no hidden clauses

That’s right… we don’t do fine print and we don’t hide anything from you when providing insurance for cellphones as part of our portable possessions policy. So you don’t need to worry about any hidden clause creeping up on you when you need to claim, as we will take the utmost care to explain your portable possessions policy to you when you sign up.

If you’re keen to get the most sensible and reasonable premiums on cellphone insurance, submit your details at the top of the page and a member of the king’s court will call you back soonest.

Please note: Cell phone insurance is available as additional cover under your portable possessions policy.