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Car Insurance Quotes
27Apr 2016

Why you should choose King Price

Although we have a lot of freedom in South Africa, thanks to the important people in our past who all fought so hard for it, the freedom that is often overlooked and taken for granted is our freedom of choice. Once upon a time, South Africans had very little freedom of choice when it came to choosing service suppliers and insurers. No matter how poorly they felt they were being treated, there weren’t many other places to go. But times have changed and now, there are so many options out there that your freedom of choice can often be cause for confusion.

We know that being able to stand out in the sea of competition (especially when it comes to insurance) is essential and means that you need to be able to offer something quite unique.

Here’s what separates King Price from the rest:

Choose King price

At King Price, we like doing things differently and approaching insurance from a different angle. It is this quality that helps us stand out head and shoulders above the rest.
We can’t make your choices for you, and we don’t think anyone should really, but we can, however, give you as much information as you need to make the choice that works for you.