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Car Insurance Quotes


11Apr 2018
remote jamming
The only tips you need to prevent remote jamming

You click and walk. That’s how it works when you use a remote to lock and alarm your car. Right? Wrong.

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29Dec 2015
Keep up to date in 2016

The presents have been unwrapped and the new year is upon us…If you blink too quickly this next year might just be gonners! We all know that change is as good as a holiday… And more often than not the holidays bring about lots of change. For some, this means a change in work, for […]

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18Nov 2015
Survive the aftermath of an accident

BRAKE…SCREECH…SMASH… This is probably one of the worst sequences of events any car owner could ever imagine. Not only does the aftermath of this sequence usually cause immense trauma (because let’s face it: your car is your baby), but it can also rip a hole in your pocket.

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29Sep 2015
8 Ways to make your insurance claim more efficient

Claiming from insurance is never going to be an enjoyable process. After all, needing to claim means that something has gone wrong – be it a car accident, a burglary, a fire or simply misplacing something of high value. However, if you do need to make a claim, there are ways in which to make […]

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16Sep 2015
What to do if you hit an animal with your car

For many animal lovers, it’s their worst nightmare- hitting an animal with their car. But it can and sadly does happen, very often. Both domestic and wild animals are regularly hit by cars, and even when the accident does not prove fatal, it can be very traumatic for the animal- and the people-involved.

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22Jul 2015
Your one-stop insurance blog

Welcome to our insurance blog! You must be looking for more info on our royal offerings. Have you just bought a new car or are you simply in need of better cover for your snazzy ride or jerking jalopy? Whatever the state of your wheels, we don’t judge. We won’t even mind if you’re just […]

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