Common and costly car insurance claims

As a visionary car insurance provider dead-set on changing the way car insurance is done, we pride ourselves on being a force for good. But that means we’re often helping our fellow South Africans during some pretty awful times… And this means that we’ve seen our fair share of insurance claims.

We’ve gathered the more common and costly car insurance claims so we can highlight what’s happening and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

Here are the biggies, as well as tips on how to avoid them.


Accidents caused by distracted driving

‘That tree came out of nowhere!’

‘I took my eyes off the road for half a second…’

‘I was just changing the song when BAM!’

Do any of these sound familiar? Chances are, you’ve heard friends and family describe incidents on the roads with some variation of these lines. According to the AA, an international study revealed that around half of the participants were distracted by their smartphones and almost drifted or kind of swerved into another lane. Half, guys.

The fact is that distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents, and it’s entirely preventable. Keep the sound at a reasonable volume and either put your phone on silent or turn it off before you start driving. If you need to make a call or send a message, pull over to a safe place first.

It might sound like we’re asking you to be luddites, but safety first. Always.


Damage from hitting potholes

One of the realities of driving on roads that have become riddled with holes (not unlike Swiss cheese) is the damage to your tyres and wheels. It’s not just about a burst tyre, it’s the rims, and your car’s suspension.

We’d go so far as to say that potholes were the main inspiration for the king’s tyre and rim insurance, which means that you can repair or replace your tyres and rims without dipping into your own pocket.

There’s a simple trick to navigating this type of claim and that’s to take it slow and pay attention. If you’ve got your eyes on the road, you can quickly pick up that it’s in a bad state and take that as your cue to slow down. This gives you the time and space to safely avoid the holes, cracks, and crevasses.


Theft (sigh)

Surprise surprise… Car theft is a big problem in South Africa. But there are things you can do to avoid this happening to you. Such as always parking your car in a well-lit area and double-checking that your remote has actually locked your car. You can also hide valuables in the boot and consider installing a tracking device.

As for those nefarious thieves who simply won’t be deterred? Well, that’s where we step in and have you covered against the cost of replacing your car.


Engine damage due to neglect

Things do go wrong unexpectedly, that’s true. But things also go wrong if they’re left unchecked. This is especially true of your car’s engine. Without regular maintenance, like oil, coolant, and other fluid checks, as well as routine services, you could find yourself coming to an abrupt stop. Complete with a puff of smoke. You may even get into an accident as a result.

That’s a double-whammy of costs coming your way, because you’ll have your damaged engine to fix, as well as any costs related to the accident. And you know what? There are some instances where engine neglect can void your insurance, so you won’t be able to claim.

Basically, look after your baby.


Accidents caused by driving under the influence

Did you know that over 60% of road accidents in South Africa are caused by drunk driving?

The fact is that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal and extremely dangerous. It’s also a reason for car insurance claims to be rejected and, in some cases, for your policy to be cancelled.

Not to get too serious, but this is a serious subject. So please, plan ahead and arrange for a sober driver or a ride-sharing service if you plan on drinking.

Better yet, get the king’s cab. This way, if you’re going out on the town and know you’ll be ‘over the limit’ when you’re ready to go home, we’ll drive you (and your car) safely into your own driveway. It’s a small extra cost… For big peace of mind.


We hope that this info was helpful. Don’t forget about the king’s simple cheap car insurance options and extras, which suit a range of budgets and needs.

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