Compare car insurance premiums

Compare car insurance premiums

Compare Car Insurance Premiums and find out why the king is the obvious choice when it comes to car insurance.

There’s not a single day that goes by without your car losing value. If you keep very still, you can probably hear the sound of its monetary worth dwindling. And yet… You continue to pay the same flipping premium, month in and month out.

Take a second to think about how unfair that is. Well, a few years ago the king felt your pain and heard your cries for insurance that makes sense. That’s why in our kingdom, your car insurance premium automatically decreases each month in line with the depreciating value of your car.

There’s no extra step to ‘activate’ these savings. It just happens every month when you get comprehensive car insurance from the king. In fact, to date we’ve saved our clients over R100 million in decreasing premiums. Even to the untrained, mathematically challenged eye, that’s a quite lot of cash and and it’s just 1 of the ways that our car insurance premiums compare favourably against any other insurance deal in South Africa. Or the world, as far as we know.

Another way our premiums are simply the best (cue music) is with our multiple car discount, which is how we help you save up to 20% every month. Yes, you read that right. That’s more savings on top of your already-decreasing premium.

Like with anything in our kingdom, the way it works is simple… For every additional car that you insure comprehensively, you’ll get a bigger discount. And each premium for your additional cars will also decrease. After all, these babies are depreciating in value, too!

How our multiple car insurance discount works:

  • 1 car = super affordable cover that decreases every month.
  • 2 cars = 10% discount on both cars.
  • 3 car = 15% discount on all 3 cars.
  • 4+ cars = 20% discount on all your cars.

If you were thinking that it couldn’t get much cheaper, then you haven’t heard about our R1 insurance. That’s literally as low as we (or anyone else for that matter) could go… With our R1 insurance, you’ll pay a flat R1 per month to insure a range of your expensive goodies, from bicycles and golf clubs, to Apple Watches and hearing aids, to your motorbike gear. And all you need to do to qualify is add cover for these items to your comprehensive King Price car or motorbike policy.

Not sure that our approach to car insurance premiums is the best for you? Wait right there.

Ready? Alright, so in addition to all the savings that are sure to leave you with more in your pocket at the end of the month, you can also control your premium amount by choosing your own excess. If you choose a higher excess, you’ll pay a lower premium. If you choose a lower excess, you’ll pay a higher premium. Just remember, whatever excess amount you settle on, this will be the amount that you’ll have to pay upfront if you claim. Which we really hope that you never have to do.

See? Our premiums just make sense for you and your wallet. If you want to get our royal touch in your life, click here for a quote or call our royal sales team on 0860 50 50 50. They’ll be super happy to help you sort your insurance needs out and make sure you’re covered.