How to compare car insurance quotes

With insurance companies that are a dime a dozen in South Africa, it can become a very daunting task to compare car insurance quotes and make a sensible decision on which one serves your particular insurance requirements the best. But the best way to compare car insurance quotes wisely; is to make sure that you compare apples with apples. Here are a couple of pointers to consider when you do…

Look at car insurance benefits versus price

Instead of searching for the lowest possible car insurance premium only, you should also consider the benefits you get in return. By this we do not simply mean the need-to-have’s like the amount of cover you get or excesses that you have to pay; but also the nice-to-have’s. On top of the same car insurance cover that you can get everywhere else in the country, King Price for example offers unlimited roadside assist emergency services, a generous range of other emergency assist services plus a novel service called the ‘king’s cab.’ This service makes it possible for its policyholders and their cars to be chauffeured home safely when they have celebrated with a drink or two. Cheap has never looked this good.

Never settle for insurance terms that imply monthly increases, if you could have monthly decreases

Regardless of what your car was worth originally, the reality is that it constantly loses value, literally almost on a daily basis. So why should you settle for a car insurance premium that either remains the same, or that increases frequently; if the value of your car doesn’t? Fortunately, for the first time ever, there is now King Price, a car insurance company that actually decreases your car insurance premiums month-by-month, as your car depreciates.

Do not be fooled by marketing gimmicks

There are a number of marketing gimmicks that insurance companies use to fool consumers, like the bogus ‘no claim bonus.’ What these companies are actually doing, is inflating your car insurance premium upfront… And then, if you’re lucky and never have to claim, they let you get a portion of your own money back later. King Price offers all its clients the advantage of a lower premium right at inception.
Another marketing stunt that many insurance companies pull, is to package a host of the same products differently, to make consumers believe that each one of these insurance products offer ‘only one of its kind’ benefits. However, if you scrutinise the quotes closely, you’ll notice that most of them are underwritten or insured by the same company, while really offering exactly the same thing just in a different colour and under a different brand name.

Never settle for anything less than the best

It is the firm belief of King Price Insurance that price is king, bottom line. But the cheapest price should not mean skimpping on service…  With the king you will get the same insurance cover with the royal service that you deserve too. And at King Price, you do not have to settle for anything less than the best possible benefits, at the best possible premiums … that is delivered through the best possible service. This is why you never have to compare car insurance quotes again. Just do the sensible thing and choose King Price.