What isn’t covered by the king’s office contents insurance Part 2

Tidal waves and other office contents exclusions

The nitty gritty about what’s not covered


Yes, it’s true. We don’t cover damages or losses to your office contents that’s caused by tidal wave. Or as a result of any underground workings of a mine. Or damage by zombies. But just how would you know all of this?

Well, it’s all out there in our online policy docs. And we do also send you this info when you’ve bought your policy. However, if you’re trying to find out more about office contents before you buy it, then you might not look through the policy info… We totally get it. Which is why we try to put the important info about our business insurance (like the exclusions associated with office contents cover) in as many places as possible.

Without further ado… Here is a short list that identifies all the office contents exclusions. And if you’re still trying to track down a similarly short intro to what’s covered with this policy, then click over here.

The king’s office contents insurance exclusions include:

  • Loss or damage caused by a tidal wave which is started by an earthquake.
  • Any loss or damage as a result of any process involving the use or application of water.
  • Damages or losses caused by the underground workings of a mine.
  • Intentional damage caused by you, principals, partners, members and directors.
  • Damages or losses caused by subsidence or landslides.
  • Loss or damage due to the removal or partial removal, demolition, attempted demolition or partial demolition of your building, as part of attempted or successful theft.
  • Anything that goes wrong while your offices are vacant, abandoned, or unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.
  • Loss or damage to vehicles and accessories, including cars, motorised scooters, LDVs, caravans, trailers, aircraft, trucks and watercraft.
  • Loss or damage to electronic data, processing equipment and software, related hardware, peripherals, and stored info or data.
  • Loss or damage to items that should be insured under our documents section of office contents insurance.
  • Loss or damage to stock and materials in trade.
  • Loss or damage to property that’s insured somewhere else.

The king’s specific exclusions

We have 2 lists of exclusions which are specific to our documents cover and our legal liability (documents) cover, the both of which are options under our good ol’ office contents insurance.

The king’s documents insurance exclusions include:

  • Wear and tear.
  • Certain electrical issues, including electric, electronic or magnetic injury and disturbance or erasure of electronic or magnetic recordings (unless lightning was involved).
  • The cost of reshooting films or videos.
  • The cost of recording audio tapes.
  • Loss or damage that’s caused by vermin or inherent defects.
  • Loss or damage that’s caused by processing or copying other work onto the documents.
  • Dishonest behaviour of any principal, partner, member or director of the insured, whether acting alone or in cahoots with others.

The king’s legal liability (documents) insurance exclusions include:

  • Any loss or damage caused by liability that’s assumed by agreement.
  • Any legal liability where your rejected claim falls under your documents section of cover.


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