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13Sep 2019

Crazy tech for your car – Part 1

Crazy tech for your car - Part 1

Part 1 of our car tech list

Even if you’re not into cars, you’ll be pretty amped when you read about all the tech that’s turned cars into actual robots. No, seriously. We’re talking cars that come equipped with spa features for that zen experience, cars that chat to each other, and heaps more.

Prepare to have your mind blown with these 5 super high-tech car features.

Cars can chat to each other now

You know how you always wished that you could send another driver a message about how their car must have been cheaper because it came without an indicator? Well, you can’t do that (yet), but there’s a new type of tech that allows for vehicle-to-vehicle communication which lets cars talk to each other on the road without you knowing about it. Relax, they’re not talking about the takeaway you scarfed before picking up the kids… It’s more like traffic, climate, and other things that help keep you safe on the road. 

Direct injection = more power, smaller engine

This might not seem too exciting when compared to spa features and vehicle-to-vehicle comms, but let’s just lay it out for you. Basically, most engines mix fuel and air before inserting them into the combustion chamber… But in a direct-injected engine, highly pressurised fuel is squirted directly into the combustion chamber. This creates pressure and when combined with turbo charging (which uses exhaust gases to boost performance) your engine becomes pow-wer-ful. And your engine doesn’t have to be bigger. In fact, engines can be smaller and use even less fuel. Trust us, this is a big deal.

Spa features

Cars are being equipped with all sorts of features that’ll make your driving time as zen as possible, and that’s an improvement to the driving experience that we can get behind. It’s not just seat heating and cooling, but also massaging chairs and ambient lighting.

If we got those kinds of features in our cars, we’d crank the peaceful music and pick the long way to every destination.

Smart cruise control

Cruise control is amazing, if for nothing else than helping you stick to the speed limit. Now though, there’s a super advanced version of cruise control. You can get smart cruise control to keep you at your desired speed while also maintaining your distance from the car in front of you and keeping you centered in your lane. It can even tell you to stop and go in traffic.

Your car could now have night vision

Struggling to see at night? Wondering why every road isn’t lit up like Christmas all year round for your convenience? That’s no longer a problem, because cars now have night vision for when you’re driving alone in the dark. What this means is that cars with this tech can use thermal imaging projected on the screen to show you if there’s an animal or person nearby in order to avoid a collision. In many parts of South Africa, where wild animals roam freely, this is a major life-saver. 

The king of innovation

We figured out a long time ago that our cars depreciate in value every single month, so why should we keep paying the same every month to cover a car that’s worth less every month? That’s why we came up with decreasing premiums for comprehensive car insurance and that’s our contribution to the world of crazy car inventions.

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