Different types of home contents cover

Choosing the right insurance for your home contents isn’t a simple task. You’ve got to keep your budget in mind, and adding a price tag to a sentimental piece is often very tricky.

That’s why we’ve listed the different types of home contents cover options typically available. We’ll also give you some lekker examples so that it makes more sense.

Let’s start at the beginning…

What’s typically covered by home contents insurance

Imagine you’re able to pick up your home and turn it upside down. The loose items that would fall out of your home are what you’d cover under home contents insurance. Think of the comfy couch that you sit on when you watch your favourite series for hours on end. Who doesn’t love a bit of binge-watching? We’re not judging at all, promise.

Along with your couch, home contents insurance also includes items like loose rugs, portraits, and your TV. Even that massive CD collection that you’re still clinging to because it made you look like the ultimate DJ back in the day…

Now that we know what’s covered by home contents insurance, let’s take a closer look at what types of cover there are.


Comprehensive home contents insurance means you’re covered for the loss of, or damage to, items in your home. These items must belong to you or any members of your household who live with you. It doesn’t include items belonging to your tenants.

Fire and fury

With this option, you’re covered for the loss of, or damage to, items in your home. The items applicable must belong to you and the people who live with you, excluding your tenants.

Exceptions to this type of cover are that you’re not covered for theft or attempted theft, and you’re not covered against fire if burglars started the fire.

Portable possessions

Imagine your laptop is stolen from inside your home. It’ll be covered under this type of home contents insurance because it was in your home at the time of the incident. The same goes for items like your watch or expensive jewellery.

Just remember, usually,  jewellery and watches that are worth more than a certain amount must be specified individually on your policy schedule. They must also be locked in a safe when you’re not wearing them.

If you’re going to take your laptop with you when you leave your home and you want it to be insured against loss or damage, you’ll have to get separate portable possessions insurance for that.

Now that we’ve given you an idea of what typical home contents insurance entails, you’ll be glad to know that King Price offers all 3 options… With royal service to match.

So, whether you’re looking for comprehensive, fire and fury, or portable possessions cover for your home contents, click here or WhatsApp 0860 50 50 50 for a commitment-free quote.

Different types of home contents cover
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Different types of home contents cover
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