third party liability

Do not tow or cough up the dough

Being involved in an accident is a traumatic experience. The only thing that is almost as traumatising as the accident itself, is having the vultures swoop in, trying to bleed you dry.

You’d expect that having car insurance would lessen the likelihood of this happening. This is, however, unfortunately not the case. Thankfully, if you’re insured with King Price you have access to free towing and storage, but ONLY if you use a King Price approved supplier (our knights in shining steel).

This is why having your “Do Not Tow” sticker is an absolute essential. The sticker not only ensures that you always have the number that you need to call to summon the cavalry, but it also informs other parties that you are under the king’s protection and shouldn’t be towed by any other company. Having the sticker in your car does not, however, ensure that the vultures won’t try their luck. The king’s cover stretches far and wide…. But warding off the vultures is unfortunately outside of the king’s power.

We know that after an accident, your mind is racing and you’re worrying about a million other things, but try to be aware of what’s happening. Vultures circle and swoop, and before you know it your car has been hooked to a towing truck and the money meter has started rolling.

Why does the king have his own trusted cavalry?

Well, the answer is quite simple. We believe in royal service and quality you can trust…. And we know for a fact that our cavalry has the same standards. If your car is towed by anyone else, we cannot ensure that it will be handled with the same care and respect as our cavalry would provide. A lot of the other towing companies are also known for charging exorbitant amounts.

And why would you want to pay for a service that is included in your insurance (for FREE)?

So next time you’re stuck without a tow, why would you want to cough up extra dough? Instead phone in the king’s cavalry on 0860 50 50 50 (and make sure you’re protected with our ‘Do Not Tow’ seal of safety!)