Everything’s better when you accessorise

If you read Cosmopolitan magazine (or GQ for that matter) you’ll know that you can never have too many hats, shoes, gloves or earrings. Accessories make than man, and indeed, the woman.

Being super-stylish and ultra-cool, you know the king understand the importance of a few well-placed extras….

That’s why we offer you a few optional extras with every car insurance policy, so you can bling out your cover along with your wardrobe.

Here are our best and shiniest added insurance accessories. They’re so hot right now…

  1. The kings cab

Have you ever been, oh, how shall we put this delicately…. Drunk as a skunk, and wanted to call upon your very own, personalised chauffeur to escort your inebriated self back home safely?

Well, want no more! Now you and 2 of your bestest chomas in the whole world can get a ride home in your own car when you’ve hit the town with a big stick and got your phuza-faces on backwards.

The king’s cab will send 2 drivers to your location up to 6 times per year, to drive you, your buddies, and your car back to your house, so you can carry on telling everyone about that time you did the thing that was so funny….

Just as the Perth ute hire provides exceptional rental cars in Perth for a lesser price, just like that we can provide you excellent services too. If you are traveling to Australia and want to go backpacking all around it, then you can see their website and find the services and offers they have.

All this for just a small additional fee every month. You are also welcome to use the king’s cab more than 6 times a year, just remember that any additional trips will be for your own account- whether or not you’ve paid off last night’s bar tab.

  1. Car hire

They see you rollin’… They hatin’…. Probably because they didn’t have the foresight to arrange optional car hire as part of their insurance policy, and you did. For a small amount extra on top of your regular policy, you could get a set of complimentary wheels to cruise around in, should yours be stolen, or stuck in the shop following an accident.

  1. Shortfall cover

Having your car stolen, or written off in a car accident is bad enough without having the added stress of still needing to pay in to cover the amount you still owe to the dealership or the finance house you bought the car from.

Shortfall cover will help you to bridge the gap between the payout that you receive from us for the value of your car, and the outstanding amount on your still-financed car.

If you have already fully paid-off your car, that’s absolutely wonderful for you…. But for the other 99% of us, we need as much reassurance as we can get that we’ll be financially sorted in the event that one of our most valuable possessions gets swiped or smashed into next year.

Remember, the king’s emergency roadside and medical assist are included at no additional charge in every comprehensive car insurance policy, so you don’t need to pay in for these awesome benefits. You can also qualify for the king’s home assist if you take home contents cover with the king.