Facts and figures on drunk driving

At King Price Insurance, we know that South Africans enjoy socialising and that there is what has become known as, a ‘one for the road’ mentality. But there will be no joy, at all, if you are involved in an accident while under the influence as your car insurance will not pay out.

The king and his court would like to share a few interesting statistics and facts regarding drunken driving to make sure that you understand the risks clearly before ordering that last round.

Recent statistics have shown that almost 12 000 people per year die in South Africa due to drunk drivers. That equates roughly to 31.9 deaths per 100 000 people per annum. This rate is higher than in other countries, including USA, Australia, China and India, to name but a few.

In South Africa, the blood alcohol concentration, (BAC) limit for drivers is 0,05 grams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. The basic guideline in South Africa is that two drinks within one hour will put you on or over the legal limit, so don’t drink more than this if you intend driving.

If you are caught and found to be over the legal limit, you don’t have the option of paying a fine as you have broken the law. In doing so, you potentially endanger the lives of those in your car with you as well as other innocent road users. You will be arrested and taken to a police station where you will be booked and locked up in a police holding cell with other criminals. You will only be charged when you are sober and legally able to understand the proceedings – it’s that simple.

The punishment for drinking and driving could be a fine in excess of R120 000 and/or six years imprisonment, a sentence that is definitely worth avoiding. You will have a criminal record, which will count against you for the rest of your life and your driver’s license can also be suspended.

At King Price we encourage all our valued clients to drink responsibly because it is the right thing to do, to not only protect yourself, your family, and friends but also other road users.  That’s why we offer the services of the king’ cab that will get you and your loved ones home safe and sound.

If you have been in a car accident and need some legal advice, read more here. It is possible to file a claim and seek an appropriate compensation for your injuries.

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