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Car Insurance Quotes


08Nov 2018
King Price Scratch and dent insurance
Scratch and dent insurance cover

Cover for when your car needs a little TLC The king’s scratch and dent insurance covers minor repairs to the exterior of your car. It’s comforting car care for those mysterious little dings thathappen in parking lots, and those annoying spots of tar that stick like superglue. Our clients love it and so will you! […]

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01Aug 2018
How we make sense, when others don’t
How we make sense, when others don’t

Not a day goes by without your car losing value, but your insurance premium stays the same month after month. That just isn’t right and it doesn’t make any sense. After all, insurers get all pernickety about all the details of your cover when it comes time to claim, so why aren’t they making a […]

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18Jul 2018
fire insurance for your business
Amp up your fire insurance for your business

You know what’s better than being prepared? Being even more prepared. Especially when it comes to protecting your aspiring business empire from going up in flames or sinking beneath the ground or suffering a violent riot. We’ve thought ahead for precisely this reason and created optional extras that you can add to your fire cover […]

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05Jul 2018
Introducing… Super cheap motorbike insurance with R1 insurance for your gear

So, you have a 2-wheeler, you’ve got a serious helmet, your snazzy leathers make people around you stop and stare… What’s missing from your motorbike assemblage? Motorbike insurance, that’s what. This is, to put it bluntly, the most important motorbike accessory apart from safety gear and a valid SA driver’s licence, of course. The king […]

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21May 2018
4 reasons why you shouldn’t drive without car insurance

4 reasons why you shouldn’t drive without car insurance Currently, a whopping 65% to 70% of the cars on our roads are uninsured, according to the Automobile Association of South Africa. This means that only around 35% of drivers are relying on their insurance providers to cover the costs of an accident or theft. To […]

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07Sep 2017
How much could you pay for car insurance?

So how much could you pay for car insurance? Cars rank among our most valuable possessions, which is why it makes so much sense to ensure that your precious, 4-wheeled baby is covered for theft and damage. How much you’ll pay depends on a few different factors, like your personal circumstances, including where you park […]

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