Home contents insurance – are you at risk?

In spite of how much you wish you didn’t need it, home content insurance is probably one of the most important things you can invest in. It’s hard enough to cope with the trauma of losing something precious of yours, or deal with serious damage that has been done to your home, let alone having to figure out how you’re going to replace your valued possessions or fix the damage – which can be financially devastating.

Understandably so, for many of our fellow South Africans, the idea of adding home content insurance premiums to their already high cost of living can seem like a waste. However, very similar to having medical aid, you’ll only realise how happy you are to have it in the moment that you really need it. You cannot even begin to compare the amount of money you might spend on monthly premiums versus what you’ll need to spend to replace stolen or damaged items in the case of a robbery or an accident.

An article published in the Telegraph around two years ago stated that one in four British households underestimate the value of their possessions. Perhaps even more staggering was the fact that one in five people had no home content insurance at all. That means around 6.8 million households in the UK were underinsured at the time, with about 200 billion pounds of home contents at risk!

Although no intensive studies have been done in South Africa on home content insurance as such, the results are likely to be higher or, at the very least, more or less the same as those of British households. So why not make sure that you’re on top of things and take that first step to lower your risk and protect your precious items at home? To get started, all you’ll have to do is just compare a few insurance quotes.

King Price is a good place to start, as this insurance company offers no fuss insurance and low premiums that are almost unheard of in the market. To get the peace of mind you deserve, simply speak to a member of the King’s court today and find out just how affordable home content insurance can actually be.