Home decorating tips you need

Home decorating tips you need: Ever find yourself looking around your home and feeling super bored with the general state of affairs? Well, hold yourself back from moving or embarking on a renovation project based off of your Pinterest house of dreams. Because that’s just basically the most expensive thing you’ll ever do. Renovations always seem to start off at ‘ouch’ and end somewhere in the realm of ‘we need a doctor, stat’. So, before you make any illegal plans to sell a kidney so that you can break ground on a new castle, why not look at these design tips that you can use to spruce things up?


If you have any other ideas, be sure to let us know. (We prefer our mail to be delivered by carrier pigeon, just so you know.)

Add more stuff

Obvi there’s a time and place for getting rid of all your stuff. And yes, there’s such a thing as minimal aesthetic design. But if that’s not your vibe, then ‘more is more’ is a really helpful design tip. No, really, this tip is about going out and buying more stuff. Why does it work so well? Because if you don’t have enough stuff in your room, then the look you’re going for will feel a bit unfinished.


The thinking around the trick of adding more stuff is to think in layers. From rugs and carpets, and poufs, to pot plants, vases, trinkets, and pictures. The more layered, the more done your space will look.


Make it work for you

Between Pinterest and Instagram, it’s easy to lose yourself in a style that’s just fabulous (there’s no other word for it, so just embrace it). But before you buy up all the fuchsia pink paint and scatter cushions, take a second to think about what the space is used for. Putting 1,000 scatter cushions in your kitchen is a dumb example, but you get our point.


When you’re looking to refresh a room, really think about how you use it and use its function to give you hints on how to liven things up. Like adding in a trio of thoughtfully chosen clocks to the wall of your office, which will remind you of the time passing as you procrastinate by doing more online shopping instead of working on that important deadline.


Display the things you love

Back in the day, home design was stuffy. We don’t want to knock any grandmas out there reading this, so we’ll say that it was kind of pretty, if you’re into that structured and ‘neat as a pin’ look. But what was sorely missing was anything that you loved. The little things that made you happy were hidden away so it didn’t interfere with the starchy effect. But now, we want you to haul all of that out. If it makes you feel good and especially if it has a purpose, then it should find a way to be out and about in your home.


A good example of this is to take your favourite throw, knitted by your favourite aunty, and hang it on the wall as art. It adds a layer to the room, warms the space up, and gives you the good feels every time you see it.


Go with similar colours

Colour does a lot to a home. Let’s say that you want a peaceful room. A lot of designers would tell you to look at monochromatic tones and they’d be right. Think carefully about the function of the room and then do a little research (read: Google) to find out what shades will complement this vibe. And to make things interesting, you could layer the room with textures and trinkets in the same colour scheme. Also, by choosing a uniform colour scheme, you can easily rotate in accessories, pillows, and art if you fancy a refresh.


Ultimately, a beautiful home isn’t all about the latest trends and colours. A home is beautiful because it’s yours. It’s your space that you’ve created and it has value just because of that fact. Speaking of value, don’t forget that all the extras you’ve added to your home will have changed the value of the contents you’ve insured so you’ll need to update the king. It’s just a quick call to us and we’ll help you make sure that you’re still paying the correct premium for the correct replacement value of your home’s contents.


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