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Home safety

30Oct 2019
How to cope with power outages while you’re away

Seems like load shedding is back. And with it, all types of power outages. We’re trying to ignore it, but the thing is… Come December, while we’re off making merry away from home, the power could very well go out and this shoots up your risk as a homeowner. Why? Oh gosh, thanks for asking.

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27Jun 2018
Prevent holiday house break-ins

School holidays are a popular time for break-ins, so secure your home   School holidays are here, which means it’s a good time to remind everyone that this is generally the best time for opportunistic thieves. A lot of South Africans escape normal life and head for the hills, the beach, the bush, or wherever […]

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06Jun 2018
Keep your house, family, and wallet safe this winter

You either love it or you hate, but 1 thing’s for sure… You can’t ignore it. That’s right, we’re talking about winter. The colder months bring delicious soups, roaring fires, and multiple snuggling opportunities. On the flip side, it also brings icy toes, higher electricity usage, and increased risks of damage to your home. We’re […]

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30Nov 2016
Protect your home during the festive season

December has become synonymous with surf, family time, sunshine, summer fun… And crime. Unfortunately, our beautiful land is somewhat afflicted by an increase of burglaries and other serious crimes over the festive season. Coming home from your well-deserved time off can be a little sad. After all, it signifies the end of a memorable time. […]

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13Jul 2016
safest province
The safest province in SA to build, rent, or buy a house

The safest province to call home in South Africa The safest province to call home in South Africa – You want a home. Some place to call your very own. And before we burst into song, let’s just all agree that whether you’re looking for a quaint garden cottage or a sexy urban townhouse, that […]

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25May 2016
cosy and safe
Keep cosy and safe

Winter is slowly creeping in and this means that people will be looking for various ways to keep cosy and safe. This is the time of year that people start clearing their fireplaces, taking their heaters out of storage and dusting off their electric blankets.

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