How much car insurance costs for teenagers

Putting a young person behind the wheel of a car can be a terrifying prospect for parents. However, investing in driving lessons and ensuring that they know the ‘no seat belt, no driving’ rule can help. Additionally, getting car insurance is an absolute necessity because accidents happen, especially when drivers have fewer kilometres under their (fan) belt and are still surprised by the occasional mailbox.

What you probably really want to know, though, is how much it’ll cost you to insure your teenager? You’re not alone. There are a few parents out there wondering what car insurance costs for teenagers or drivers under the age of 21.

We wish it could be a simple case of saying it’ll cost R1,950 for 18-year-olds, R1,700 for 19-year-olds, R1,550 for 20-year-olds and so on until they’re 25. But in reality, the cost of car insurance for teenagers in South Africa varies depending on several factors.

Here’s why they pay more, how you can get cheaper insurance, and what goes into calculating the cost of car insurance for younger drivers.

Why teenagers pay more for car insurance

Essentially, young drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 are considered high-risk drivers and are therefore charged higher premiums to account for the higher likelihood that they’ll get into an accident, forget to lock their cars, park in unsafe neighbourhoods, or be targeted by criminals. This is typically thought to be the result of their age and lack of experience.

We should point out that the cost of car insurance for teenagers is also influenced by the make and model of the car, where the car is parked, and how often they drive.

Are there tricks to getting cheaper insurance

When looking for car insurance for teenagers in South Africa, it’s vital that you do some online research to find insurance providers that accept younger drivers. Some insurers won’t even accept drivers under the age of 25. Thankfully there are a few well-known car insurance companies with good reputations that will give teenagers a policy. Like King Price Insurance.

What to consider when getting car insurance for your teen

When choosing the best car insurance for teenagers in South Africa, you’ll need to consider several factors.

First, evaluate the insurance options offered by different insurance providers. Look for comprehensive car insurance policies that insure a wide range of risks, including theft, hi-jacking, and damage caused by accidents. Seeing as this is the policy that insures the most perils, it’s likely to be the best option for your teen.

Get hold of quotes from multiple insurers to ensure you’re getting a competitive premium. You already know that you’re going to pay more for your teen, but that doesn’t mean you should go with the first quote you get.

Another factor is the reputation and client service of the insurance provider. Teenagers aren’t that experienced so, if you know that you’re likely to claim, you want to go with an insurer who has a track record of excellent client service, prompt claims handling, and a reliable support system.

Speaking of claims… You definitely need an insurer known for providing a smooth and efficient claims process. Specifically, look for insurers who have a dedicated claims helpline to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Lastly, is the inclusion of additional benefits or value-added services. The most important is probably roadside assistance and medical assistance. King Price includes emergency assist with their car insurance policies so that these services can be dispatched when needed.

Look, choosing the best car insurance for teenagers in South Africa requires careful consideration of insurance options, premiums, client service, claims process, reputation, and additional benefits. By taking these factors into account and seeking guidance from insurance professionals, you can find the right policy to protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind while on the road.

We hope that this info has helped and if you’re interested in getting car insurance for your teen, then click here for a commitment-free quote.

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How much car insurance costs for teenagers
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How much car insurance costs for teenagers
Looking for car insurance for your teenager? It’s possible to get insurance in South Africa, but just make sure you know about the extra costs involved.
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