How to protect your home from a burglary

Most burglars are opportunistic criminals who will target homes that don’t have much security, or whose owners tend to be a little less cautious than others. In order to help ensure that you avoid falling victim to a burglary, here are some easy security steps to take:

Don’t leave valuables in plain sight

Don’t tempt fate (and skelms) by leaving valuables, such as a bicycle or a new grill, outside. As already mentioned, most criminals are opportunistic. If they notice these items, the chances are that they will attempt to steal them. Avoid this by ensuring that anything and everything of value is strategically hidden away.

Install a motion sensor light

Darkness is every criminal’s best friend, so, obviously, thieves tend to target homes that have minimal outdoor lighting. With this in mind, it is wise to ensure that you install adequate lighting outside. Worried about the toll that these lights will take on your electricity bill and bank account? Install motion sensor lights. These lights use far less electricity as they only turn on when they detect motion. On top of this, they are likely to surprise any potential thieves (Boo!), causing them to flee the scene immediately.

Never leave a spare key out

Think that you’re the only one who is leaving a spare key under the welcome mat, or hidden inside a pot plant? You’re not! These are the first places that criminals will look when attempting to break into your house. Never leave a spare key out- no matter how well you think you’ve hidden it.

Build relationships with your neighbours

It is important for everyone to look out for one another. We can beat crime if we work together. If you have your neighbours on your side, you instantly increase your safety. They will be able to contact you if they have noticed something suspicious around the neighbourhood and, should you ever be targeted by a criminal, you will have somewhere to go for help. It’s also a great excuse to have a neighbourhood braai or a street party to meet all of your neighbours.

Install security features – alarm system, electric fencing, CCTV cameras

The importance of up to date security features cannot be emphasised enough. An alarm system and functional electric fencing are the two bare essentials that will help to protect you from crime. However, if you want to go one step further and completely deter thieves from targeting your home, CCTV cameras are the perfect solution. These features could also lower your home insurance premium quite considerably. To get information about a reputable company that provides these services, visit Mobile locksmiths near me. They can be your knight in shining armor.

Ultimately, safeguarding your home is all about taking action and doing everything that you can in an effort to protect your investment, possessions and loved ones. Install security features, keep all your fancy, new stuff hidden away, and befriend your neighbours. In doing so, your chances of falling victim to crime will be greatly reduced.

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That said, even when you do everything right, sometimes life has other plans- so you should definitely still invest in home insurance. For a personalised quote, contact King Price today.