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01Aug 2018

How we make sense, when others don’t

How we make sense, when others don’t

Not a day goes by without your car losing value, but your insurance premium stays the same month after month. That just isn’t right and it doesn’t make any sense.

After all, insurers get all pernickety about all the details of your cover when it comes time to claim, so why aren’t they making a fuss about this valid point? Maybe they don’t want to go to the trouble or maybe they prefer pocketing the profits.

Not us. We decrease your car premium each month as your car loses value. You don’t have to ‘activate’ these savings or sign up for them as a separate action from buying cover… We do it automatically for you. It’s part of how we make sense when others don’t.

Let’s walk you through the 10 reasons why our royal insurance makes sense and is the right choice for you and your wallet.

1. Savings, savings, savings

We’ve saved our clients over R100 million in decreasing premiums… That’s a lot and it proves that we put our money (or yours to be exact) back into allllll of your pockets. Every month.

2. Your choice, our pleasure

You have the freedom to choose your own excess, so you have more control over the premium that you pay. We like to put it out there (for your safety) that while a higher excess gives you a lower premium, this excess amount is what you’ll have to pay upfront if you claim.

3. Get up to 20% off your premium

Not satisfied with just offering decreasing premiums, we devised a way to help you save even more, with our multiple car discount. This way, you’ll get a percentage off for every additional car that you insure comprehensively with us.

  • 1 car = comprehensive cover, with decreasing premiums.
  • 2 cars = 10% off, and your premium still decreases monthly.
  • 3 cars = 15% off, and still your premium still decreases monthly.
  • 4+ cars = 20% off… And yes, your premium will decrease monthly.

4. Your problem = no problem

You get access to the king’s emergency assist services, 24/7/365. This means that if you run into trouble on the road or at home, or need medical assistance, we’ll send our royal cavalry to help through several different types of problems.

5. Royal service that you deserve

You’re not a walking premium, you’re royalty in our eyes, and we’ll stop at nothing to make sure you feel that way.

6. Join the R1 club

You can pay just R1 a month to insure a range of your expensive goodies. And that’s not ‘from R1’ or ‘starting at R1’. When we say R1, we mean it. These goodies include your bicycle, golf clubs, Apple Watch, hearing aids, and even your motorbike gear. To qualify, all you need to do is add cover for these items to your King Price car or motorbike policy.

7. The king’s cab at your disposal

The king’s cab is our personal chauffeur service so that you and your car get home safely when driving yourself isn’t a good idea. You can add the king’s cab to your policy for a super low fee.

8.Cover for all types of businesses

With our business insurance, we’ve got your back, your business, and even your bakkie. And it doesn’t stop at our flexible business cover. Our business line also extends to specialised engineering insurance for engineering contracts, plant and works, as well as community insurance for sectional title communities, and cybersure for your business’ computer systems, software and data.

9. Extras to cover all your bases

From scratch and dent to fix those mysterious little dings and chips, to shortfall cover for the difference between what your car’s worth (when it was stolen or written off), and what you still owe… We only offer valuable extras that make sense to your life and budget.

10. You own it, we’ll insure it

Want cover for your car? Got it. Motorbike? Yup, and we offer more levels of cover for your bike than other insurers, from comprehensive to theft only. Let’s not forget about cover for your buildings, home contents, portable possessions, your trailer and caravan. Seriously, if you own it, we’ll insure it.

See? It just makes sense to get our royal touch in your life. Get a quick quote here or call our royal client care team on 0860 50 50 50.