Office contents covers

So, what’s included with our office contents insurance?

When it comes to insuring your office contents, we’ve spared no detail. That’s because every business is unique and has different risks that they need to protect themselves against.

For instance, while you might own a run-of-the-mill office that deals with sales and related admin, and you only want to cover the actual contents of your space, like your phones, desks, and computers… Another business might want to also include cover for the super important docs that they deal with, as well as add on legal liability insurance that’s specific to those docs.

Wherever your business is vulnerable, we’ve got you covered.

The king’s office contents insurance options

Instead of bundling together loads of risks that might not be relevant to your office’s set-up and day-to-day dealings (which would be expensive and a complete waste), we’ve split our cover for office contents into 5 categories. Yes, it’s a bit extra to go into this kind of detail… But we figured that this way, you’d be in a position to pick and choose so that you can cover what’s important.

Here are our royally comprehensive 5 options:

  1. Office contents.
  2. Rent and alternative premises.
  3. Documents
  4. Legal liability (docs).
  5. Increased cost of working.

Starting with numero uno: Office contents

Rather than bombard you with all 5 sections at once, let’s dive into the titular cover of this section. Your actual office contents. Under this option, we’ll cover loss or damage to the office contents at your business address. This pretty much includes the landlord’s fixtures and fittings that you’re responsible for, any furniture, movable property and office machinery, and other contents of your office.

The specific risks that are covered:

  • Accidental damage or breakage of mirror glass, plate glass tops to furniture, or fixed glass forming part of any item of furniture.
  • Damage or loss caused by fire, lightning, thunderbolt, subterranean fire or explosion.
  • Impact by animals, trees, aerials, satellite dishes or vehicles, excluding damage to such animals, trees, aerials, satellite dishes or vehicles, or property in or on such cars.
  • Damage that’s caused by storm, wind, water, hail, snow, or earthquakes.
  • Any damage that’s caused by falling aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped from them.
  • Intentional acts by other people.

Curious about how each of the other options work? You can check out the king’s advice on if these sections could be valuable to you and how your docs, rent and alternative premises, legal liability, and the increased cost of working  could benefit from our comprehensively cover.

Why you should choose our royal business insurance

Your choice, our pleasure

The power is in your hands when it comes to your business insurance. But we won’t leave you to fend for yourself! Our expert business insurance team is here to guide you through these options and we’ll will work with your broker to give you cover that suits your business and your budget.

Don’t feel left out if you don’t have a broker, because we can connect you with the 1 who’s best suited to you and your business.

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