Introducing our Brand New Ad Campaign

As you’ll know by now if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter (and if you don’t, then please do? I want to be friends with you), King Price recently launched our brand spanking new advert on TV.

King Price turned 2 this year and to recognise how far we’ve come, we wanted to update our look and our messaging to remind our clients, and the industry, why we’re so special (like, ‘voted Best Short-Term Insurer in South Africa’ special).

The new advert features some very clever animation from Halo, illustrating how King Price’s premiums decrease monthly based on the depreciation of your car. The ad is also the first bit of campaign messaging from a whole host of new radio ads, billboards (where we’re trying a new service that does sign printing using PVC), banners and print ads that we’ll be launching all over the country soon. You see, as the ads themselves say, the signs to switch to King Price really are everywhere…

We want to tell the whole of South Africa about the king’s super cheap insurance that decreases monthly, because we think everyone deserves to save money (while still enjoying our royal service, of course).

The advert will be on Mnet, Dstv and Etv for the next few months, and will also be available on our YouTube channel anytime you’d like to watch it.

Wait… you say you haven’t seen it yet?


That’s okay, I have it for you right here:

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page this week, because we’ll be having a little competition on Friday to see who’s got the funniest, coolest, craziest comment about the new ad.

A hearty ‘well done’ to everyone involved in the campaign and the production of the advert- you guys rock!