tyre and rim cover

Introducing our tyre and rim cover

Doing what we can to keep you moving

We just can’t seem to stop ourselves from innovating new ways to save you money while helping you look after your car. So it’ll come as no surprise that we’re back with a new product (the latest jewel to sit in our crown of super cheap and super useful insurance policies). Without further ado, let us introduce to you the latest insurance product from the king himself… Our tyre and rim insurance!

Here’s the lowdown on this tyre-rific insurance policy.

What our royal tyre and rim insurance is for

Basically, our tyre and rim insurance covers, well, your tyres and your rims. We want you to be able to keep your wheels in good condition so that you’re safer on the road. And we want you to pay as little as possible for the pleasure.

It’s as simple as that.

What you need to know about this cover

Let’s start with tyres. We’ll repair or replace your damaged tyres, depending on which is the better route to take. As for rims? We’ll cover the costs of getting your rims repaired.

Sorry if we’re being short, but it really is a simple and useful product that helps you avoid claiming from your main car insurance policy and paying that bigger excess amount. And we don’t want to waste your time reading reams of info on something as uncomplicated as this policy.

We’re just nice like that.

Why you need it

You’d be surprised at how your tyres and rims suffer on our local roads, taking hits from rocks, broken glass, potholes, steel, and other road hazards… Thankfully you can now get your tyres and rims sorted out without having to dip into your main car insurance policy or your monthly budget.

The nitty gritty

We’re all about being transparent, which is why we put everything upfront where you can find it. Here’s the info that you need to know about our tyre and rim insurance, which other insurers bury in their policy docs and which we find a tad bit sneaky. We prefer to make it clear, because, you know… It’s fair.

Need to know:

  • Your rims will be repaired with this cover, but won’t be replaced.
  • We won’t pay claims for damage that happens before or within 30 days of getting this cover.
  • You must submit your claim within 30 days of the incident.
  • Once you’ve claimed, you need to get your damaged tyres and rims repaired or replaced by 1 of our royally approved providers.
  • Your tyre and rims aren’t covered for damages from a car accident, fire, or theft.
  • You need to take reasonable care for your tyre and rims.
  • Your tyres and rims aren’t covered for damage that’s caused gradually, like wear and tear or mildew or insects.
  • Your tyres and rims aren’t covered if you’ve had them altered or zhooshed up.

Of course, we don’t want you here for a minute longer than you need be, so we’ll tell you that you should always read your policy docs. We’ve made ours super easy to read and understand with pictures and examples. Again, we’re just nice like that.

We’re all about saving you money

We’ve already saved hundreds of thousands of South Africans hundreds and thousands of Rands with our decreasing car insurance premiums, our R1 insurance, our multiple car discounts, and so much more. Now, we’re saving you money by making sure your wheels are in good condition, capable of taking you from A to B without any issues.

What are you waiting for? Get a quick tyre and rim insurance quote here or call our royal client care team on 0860 50 50 50.