How to keep your castle safe while you’re on holiday

Summer’s here, and while you might be more concerned with making sure you’ve got enough sunscreen and spending money for your December holidays, I suggest you also spend a little time making sure your home will be protected while you’re away soaking up the sun.

As you know, the king’s home contents insurance will make sure that your treasures are protected should anything happen while you’re away, but prevention is better than cure.

After all, we can replace your flat screen, but we can’t replace the memories that come from priceless family heirlooms and keepsakes….   Like your gran’s ceramic collection of bikini-wearing pigs.

  1. Arrange for a trustworthy house sitter

Even if you don’t need a pet-sitter to feed and play with your furry companions, try to arrange for someone to come by, clear the mailbox, open and close curtains and check on the place while you’re away. Make sure they also know how to use your alarm, if you have one installed.

Hint: Facebook photos are a great way to see what someone gets up to at the weekend, so you can make sure your house sitter doesn’t have a reputation for house parties.

  1. Tell your neighbours and your security company that you’re going away

If you trust your neighbours, you can also leave them with a set of keys, and let your security company know who has a spare set if they need to get in…. But if you don’t want to make them jealous (or you don’t really know, or trust, them), it’s better not to tell them all the cool stuff you’re planning to get up to on your vacation.

  1. Clear up your garden

Don’t leave things like ladders, spades or other tools that could be used to assist would-be burglars breaking into your home. Lock these inside when you go away, and don’t make it easier for the skelms.

  1. Put your lights on a timer

If it’s possible, put your exterior lights on a timer. That way, even if you haven’t got someone staying at your home, your house will still look occupied from the street.

  1. Pack away your valuables

Sure you have your bling in a safe, but unless you’re planning on checking your emails on your December break (blegh, I hope not), I suggest securing your laptop, and all of the other valuables in your home before you leave. Make sure high value items are not visible from outside the house.

And if you don’t have home contents cover, drop us an email and let us arrange a super cheap quote for you today!  Remember, the more you insure, the more you save!

Now that you’ve got an extra slice of peace of mind, you can really let your hair down and unwind over the Summer break! Enjoy!