Keep yourself and your stuff safe on the road

Crime is just one of those terrible things that you’ll find wherever you go. The fact is that when you’re on the road, you, and the stuff you have with you, are an attractive target to thieves and hijackers.

While there’s little that you can do to control the actions of others, you can try to do the best you can to avoid a dangerous situation.

Here are a few suggestions from the king himself to keep yourself and your stuff safe on the road:

      1. No visible valuables.
        Don’t leave stuff lying around in site inside your car. Not when you’re driving, not when you’re parked, and not even when you’re at home. Keep laptops in the boot or with you, and tuck your handbag under the passenger seat before starting the engine…. And since we know that you know you shouldn’t be on the phone while driving, we’re sure you’ve already got it hidden out of sight. Right?
      2. Take a break from your old routine
        If you do the same thing and travel the same route every day, try to mix it up, so anyone who has been casing your home, or is following you home, doesn’t get too comfortable about your comings and goings. You’ll also get to know more of the roads around your house, which will make you a prized navigator amongst your mates. Score.
      3. Stay alert
        Don’t get distracted by the quiz on the radio or chatting to your car pool passengers. Stay alert and aware of the traffic situation all around you, whether you’re stationary or moving…. And whether you’re a driver or a passenger.
      4. Leave a gap
        When stopping behind another car at a stop street or a red robot, try to keep about a 5 meter distance between your cars. This will give you room to get away if you need to.
      5. Stop somewhere safe
        Criminals might try to trick you into pulling over somewhere unsafe by ‘accidentally’ ramming into the back of your car, or even impersonating police officers. When in doubt, put on your hazards on and drive slowly to the nearest police station. If the cops are legit, they will understand your caution.

Remember, at King Price Insurance, your safety is our concern, always! Get in touch with us for a car insurance quote.