King Price Insurance Turns 3

3 Years young and going strong!

As you might have gathered from the cupcakes and balloons flying around our office the last week, King Price turned 3 on the 2nd of June.

It’s been 3 amazing years since we turned the insurance industry upside down with our crazy ideas: like being the only insurer in South Africa (in the world, actually) to decrease it’s premiums monthly, as the value of our clients’ vehicle depreciates. We also believe in always giving our clients nothing but the best, “Royal Service” we like to call it.

We started King Price, because we believe that what’s good for our clients, is good for us.

A testament to King Price’s royal service can be found in the Ombudsman for Short Terms Insurance’s annual report,  which lists King Price in 3rd place with a claim overturn rate of just 16.32%. The fact that we have such a low claim overturn rate is a sign that King Price is super fair. Not only do we really WANT your claim to be paid out when bad things happen, we also want to ensure that you understand all of the T’s and C’s of your policy as soon as you sign up.


  • From just 43 staff members, King Price has grown to more than 550 staff members. Our youngest royal family member is just 19, and the oldest is a young-at-heart 63.
  • Our crazy-cool royal family culture ensures a staff churn rate of lower than 2%.
  • The original 43 employees managed to make just over 1800 sales in the 1st month, but now, we manage between 8000 and 9000 sales every month.
  • Since 2012, we’ve paid out over R525-million in claims.

A massive thank you to every staff member, partner, and especially to our wonderful clients for helping us to exceed all expectations (even our own!)

Here’s to even more wonderful surprises and successes over the next 3 years! Don’t miss out – get your car insurance quote today!