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Car Insurance Quotes
25Feb 2015

A quick guide to King Price’s policies

Making sure that all of your precious treasures are covered can be confusing (and let’s be honest, kinda boring unless you insure with King Price).

Sure, getting car insurance for your car is straightforward…. But what about everything else?

Lucky for you, King Price has a couple of different options to make sure that all of your stuff is 100% covered.

Remember, the more you insure with King Price, the more you save…. And the better you can sleep at night.

Home contents insurance

Imagine if you had super strength and were able to lift your entire home up over your head, tip it upside down and shake out everything inside it…. Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t do that to a house…. Or at least not to your house….

Here’s my point…. Everything that came tumbling out of your house: all the clothes, books, DVDs, furniture, TVs, appliances, desktop computers and the like, are what we call your ‘home contents’.

And when you sign up for home contents insurance with the king, we’ll also include our fabulous home assist service for those day-to-day home emergencies.

Portable possessions insurance

Laptops, cellphones, designer shades…. All the stuff that you have on you when you leave the house….You know…. Swag….  Are considered ‘portable possessions’. Even if you sometimes leave these things at home.

Really snazzy jewellery (not the mood ring you got in a lucky packet when you were 10) over the value of R30 000 also needs to be specified individually on your insurance schedule.

Have your serial and IMEI numbers, and any relevant proof of purchase documents handy when you call the king to insure your portable possessions, because we’ll need these later to prove ownership.

Buildings insurance

If you own the home you live in (or that someone else lives in), you also need to insure the house itself, not just the stuff you keep inside it.

Buildings insurance from King Price covers the physical structure of your home in the event of something like a fire…. And we’ll also cover the theft of any pool equipment and replace your geysers if they explode (don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds….But it is flipping inconvenient).

And how is this for cool? Whether you have a home contents or a buildings insurance policy with the king, you’ll still be able to call our handy emergency home assist line for plumbers, electricians and locksmiths.

All this on top of King Price’s incredible super cheap car insurance premiums that decrease monthly, and our unbelievable R1 insurance offering…. That’s pretty ‘wow’, even if I do say so myself.

If you’re still unsure about what policy you need for your stuff…. And things…. Then just drop us an email at , or call us on 0860 50 50 50 and we’ll help you make the right decision for the right premium.

Remember, the more you insure with the king, the more you save.