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30Jul 2014

The king’s portable possessions insurance for your precious things

Between laptops, smartphones, smarter tablets, your designer sunglasses, and the classical guitar you take to entertain your friends at dinner parties, the chances are you have quite a few precious possessions on you at any given time.

Well, did you know that King Price offers portable possessions insurance specifically for the things that you carry with you?

It’s true, we do.

For a super cheap monthly premium, we can cover you for the loss, damage or theft of all the shiny gadgets, toys and beautiful things that you simply can’t leave the house without. Portable possessions insurance is different from home contents insurance because the stuff you’re covering with us is, you know, portable.

It’s not meant to be locked away all day, it wants to go with you to see the world, do new things, meet new people. Portable possessions need to be free (but not too free, we don’t cover you if you just give your stuff away).

Let’s get specific…. Here’s how portable possessions cover works: You can get ‘unspecified’ portable possessions cover, which covers you for variety of different items that you wear or carry with you- stuff you couldn’t really list because it changes daily (we get it, you need options). These things are all covered under an overall limit. If there are any items on the list that are valued at more than the individual maximum value per item under the unspecified cover, you’ll need to specify them (so they’ll show up separately on your insurance schedule each, with a separate monthly premium) and insure them individually.

These are the items you really need to specify to be able to insure with portable possessions insurance:

• Electronic and computer equipment (laptops, cellphones, etc.)

• Jewellery and/or watches

• Photographic equipment

• Bicycles (You can insure it with King Price for just R1)

• Contact lenses and prescription glasses

• Cellphones

• Hearing aids (You can insure it with King Price for just R1)

Click here to get a quote from the king of price for your portable treasures, or call us on 0860 50 50 50.