Let the king cover your new goodies in 2015

Ah, January, you are a cruel mistress….Despite being only 31 days long, January is still the longest month of the year for most of us. Our year-end bonuses have long since been spent on gadgets, goodies and holidays, and we’re all just counting the days till our next payday.

That said, all your new goodies and gadgets still need to be covered against risks like theft and fire. The only thing that could make January last even longer is trying to save up for another iPad mini.

Thankfully, as always, the king has you covered. Because King Price offers super cheap premiums for your home contents and portable possessions, we can help you keep your new treasures protected, without you having to sacrifice your end of the month Salticrax.

If you’ve bought a swanky new pair of sunglasses, a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a camera, jewellery, or anything that you carry around with you, you’ll be looking for portable possessions insurance to keep your stuff covered.

Whereas, if you’ve just invested in a super-sized, HD flat screen, a game console, clothes, or anything that you’d typically leave at home (okay, so you’ll hopefully be wearing some of those clothes when you leave the house), you need to make sure your home contents cover is totally up to date.

Remember, you need to insure your new goodies for the amount that it would cost you to replace them, new. If you don’t, you could end up underinsured, which would suck.  If you already have a Home Contents policy with us, and just need to update the amount you’re insured for, or would like to specify a few high value items, just drop us an email, [email protected]

You also need to hang onto all of the slips for your new stuff- especially for expensive gadgets like phone and tablets. We’ll need the IMEI numbers from these, so we can easily prove ownership if you should need to claim.

January might be the longest month of the year, but the more you insure with King Price, the more you save… And the more peace of mind you get to enjoy!