Let the king protect your bling!

Diamonds are forever…Unless they’re stolen in the dead of night (and not correctly insured). A cat burglar’s sticky fingers finding its way into your jewellery box can cost you a few pennies (and cause quite a few headaches) if your shiny-sparkle-things are not correctly insured. We understand that certain pieces are priceless and cannot be replaced, but you should keep them covered, none the less.

Save yourself the heartbreak and hassle, and make sure that your bling is under the correct protection from the king.

Bling cover from the king will protect all your precious items, like…

Your flawless ruby earrings

Your diamond encrusted Rolex, 10-carrat, flawless ruby earrings or vintage tiffany pocket watch would be the type of bling that falls under the ‘specified’ category.

The easiest way for you to know if a piece of your bling should be specified under your home contents insurance is to consider the value of the piece. If the value exceeds R35 000, you should definitely specify it. And when you’re not wearing it to a black-tie event, or your weekly grocery shopping expedition, it should be safely locked up… in a safe.

Your collection of Pokemon-themed jewellery

Bling that falls into this category would be the pieces that are not of such a great value that they need to be specified, but they should still be insured as part of your greater ‘home contents’ insurance policy.

Whether your charms are from Mr Price or American Swiss, as long as the value is under R35 000, it’s not necessary to specify it separately on your insurance policy, but you do need to make sure you’ve added the replacement value of these items into your total home contents cover value.

The Fossil watch you got as a graduation gift

Last but not least, there are the pieces of bling that become an extension of you. This would be bling like your favourite watch that you never leave the house without, or your crown jewels (if you are the king of course). If the piece of jewellery spends more time on you, than in your house, you should definitely consider insuring it as a portable possession.

A note from the king: If the value of any piece of jewellery is more than R15 000, you need to supply valuation certificates during the underwriting process.

Rather be safe than sorry and be sure your priceless (or pricey) jewels are under royal protection.


If you have any doubt about how to insure your bling with the king, call us on 0860 50 50 50 or read through your King Price Policy Document.