Life lessons that only cyclists know

There are quite a few parallels between riding a bike and life. Sounds iffy, but it’s true! Since we got in the business of insuring bicycles for just R1 (more on that later), we’ve taken a vested interest in cycling. For some, it’s a hobby that gets you out of the office and into the fresh air… For others, it’s a passion that conditions your body, frees your mind, and grows your spandex collection.

Regardless of your level of devotion, there are many inspirational lessons that cyclists have benefitted from. After all, you don’t spend hours on your keister without learning a thing or 2, right? And the best thing is, we’re willing to share these gems with you which will hopefully inspire you to live like a champion.

Life lesson 1: Show up, ready and willing

Don’t underestimate the value of pitching up and being ready to do what you’re there to do. Cyclists don’t mosey on to their starting point and wonder where their bike is… No. They get their gear ready, fuel up on healthy food, and are motivated to get the most out of their time on the road.

Imagine how much you can get done with the same attitude. You could rule the office by lunch and the world by noon.

Life lesson 2: If times are rough, you’re probably going uphill

There are times when things aren’t coming to you as easily as you’d hope. You’re working harder than ever and maybe even feel like giving up… Don’t do that just yet. It could be that you’re travelling uphill, growing, and almost at the top. Take stock of your situation and assess a few things… Like, are you working extremely hard with signs of progress (no matter how small) or is every little thing going wrong and you feel like you’re on a sinking ship? If there are positive signs, then it could be that the uphill battle is worth the fight.

Life Lesson 3: Stay focused

Cyclists waiting at the start line for the whistle to go understand the pressure of performance all too well. These feelings can be overwhelming, whether you’re at the start line clad in shiny spandex or about to start your business pitch. The way cyclists deal with the nerves is to warm up, visualise what they’re doing and how they’ll do it, and practice breathing techniques. You can do the same to banish negative vibes before a job interview, pitch meeting, or project that requires your full attention.

Life lesson 4: If it’s easy, you might be going downhill

Most people start cycling on flat roads, using easier gears… And that helps them move to the next level. As soon as things get easy, a cyclist will shift gears and change up the route for more of a challenge so that they can grow. What does this mean for you and me? Well, are you able to do your job in your sleep? Is your gym routine a doddle? Maybe the admin of life is getting simpler to sort out, leaving you with a few spare hours? Then maybe you’re going downhill.

Look, life is about growing and growth is guaranteed when you challenge yourself. Set yourself new challenges and go for it. That’s what the king did. And now King Price is the best insurance gig in town! He pushed for decreasing premiums and super cheap insurance, and now every 1 in South Africa has the chance to cover their cars and homes for an affordable and fair price.

Life lesson 5: There’s no standing still, you’ll fall

Any cyclist worth his or her spandex will tell you that standing still = falling down. The same is true for life. When you get all comfy and stand still, you might just begin to fall. Think about what could happen if you stood still in your dead end job… We can say 1 thing for sure and that’s if the king had thought the same thing and stayed put where he was, then we couldn’t tell you about our R1 insurance.

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