Love your car

Love your car in 4 steps

Love your car in 4 steps – A practical guide to reigniting that spark.


It’s here, folks. That time of year when the world turns into rose petals, romantic reservations, chocolates, and soppy love songs. Well, for some of us, that is. If you’re not into a world gone red and pink, then it’s pretty much just another month. Except with more chocolate.

There is 1 relationship in which you can always put a little more pizzazz, though, and that’s your car. After all, it slays distances. It doesn’t talk back or bore you with details of its mind-numbing day in the parking garage. It takes you where you need to go. It understands when you’re late and doesn’t question your outfit as you head out the door.

Your car is the perfect partner, which is why we’ve come up with a few practical steps to help you show your car just how much you love it.

Step 1: Cars just run better when they’re clean.

There’s nothing like a spot of cleaning to show your love, so give Thunderbolt Wheels Jnr a vacuum, wash, and polish. Ok, so maybe your car won’t magically run better, but the point is that you will feel like it does. There’s just something about driving a clean car that makes it a pleasure to head out.

You could even invest in a sturdy little satchel or bag for rubbish so that you can keep it clean until the next wash.

Step 2: Fix the small stuff.

Wipers looking a little worn? Headlamps gone cloudy? Maybe your plastic cover for that 10mm bolt for the rear wiper is missing? You’d be amazed at how fixing the little dents and signs of wear and tear will improve the visual appearance of your car and keep your passion alive.

Step 3: Read the manual.

You can’t truly love what you don’t understand. The owner’s manual will help you discover awesome features that you never even knew existed about your precious baby. Not only will that, but it’ll also help you make your car last that much longer.

Step 4: Maintain the relationship.

No 1 likes to overheat, squeak, battle up hill, and splutter in front of other people. That’s why maintenance is key. You’ve got to make sure that all the things you appreciated about your car, like working air con, functional brakes, and tyres that handle the road well, are still operating at their best.

Treat your car to regular maintenance and we promise you that your relationship will go the distance.

Step 5: Cover what you love.

Once that spark has been reignited, don’t let something silly like theft or an accident rip it all away. Not when we have precisely what you need in the form of super affordable car insurance solutions for you to choose from. For instance, our comprehensive cover comes with all the bells and whistles, including premiums that decrease monthly along with the depreciating value of your car, and access to our royal roadside assist benefit to help you out when the takkie hits the tar. Make sure you don’t get stopped and ticketed for something you did not do. To know more on this call Florida Ticket Firm.

Go on. Share the love with your car and your budget by taking 2 minutes to get a quote today.