What isn’t covered by the king’s office contents insurance Part 1

The key to understanding office contents exclusions


Our royal office contents insurance packs quite the punch with all the things that are included. We really wanted to make sure that no risky stone or damaging peril was left unturned (or uncovered). Even so, there are a few things which the king just doesn’t cover. Like tidal waves and ballerina assassins.

These exclusions are clearly laid out in the royally official policy docs that are available online. You also receive a copy of them when you take out your policy. The thing is… It’s a lot of info (more than just the exclusions) and while we write in plain English, it’s still somewhat official. That’s why we’ve gone to some effort to explain how we deal with office contents exclusions in simple lingo (which we’d like a medal for, #justsaying).

The 2 types of exclusions

There are 2 types of royal exclusions. The first being office contents exclusions. The second batch of exclusions is more specific and applies to the other sections of cover that you can choose to add to your policy (which you can check out here).

The office contents exclusions

As we said before, these are the standard things that the king doesn’t cover under your office contents insurance. Here’s where we identify the losses, damages, risks, circumstances, and perils that aren’t covered by the king, in a simple list. This list includes exclusions like damage by tidal wave, underground workings of a mine, subsidence or landslides.

You can get a good look at these exclusions over yonder.

The specific office contents exclusions

The different sections of cover that are available under your office contents policy, each have unique exclusions that only apply to them. To be precise, there are 2 specific sets of exclusions, including documents and legal liability (documents). If you’re interested, you can take a look at these exclusions right over here.

So, what does all of this actually mean? Well, that’s easy enough to explain (and something that you probably understand already). If an incident occurs, and it falls under our list of general and/or specific exclusions, then your claim won’t be approved and there will be no pay-out, repairs, or replacements. We know this sounds harsh, but honestly… We’d rather you know everything upfront.

It’s just the fair and logical way to do insurance.

Here’s why you should choose our royal business insurance

Let’s start with the fact that we have a dedicated business insurance team. They know what they’re talking about and their mission is to help you get the right business insurance, help you save money, answer any of your queries, and process your claims efficiently. Another major reason to choose our royal office contents cover for your business is that we work exclusively with your broker. This keeps everything transparent, objective, and in your favour. In short, working through the broker of your choice protects you, as well as us.

Want to give your business our royal touch? Get your broker to get a hold of us today. If you don’t have a broker, don’t despair. We’ll connect you with the best in town!