So, what is office contents insurance?

Someone calls, maybe a supplier or a customer. So, you plop down in your ergonomically-friendly chair, take a quick swig from your double-walled thermo-smart cappuccino glass (swanky as all heck), pick up your new phone that you’ve just had hooked up, and jot down some notes with your pen. Which was an expensive anniversary gift that your beloved had specially engraved for you.

Or you tap your tablet and record your info digitally, because you’re all about that techno efficiency.

And then something terrible happens, like a break-in, and all the things in your office that help you conduct your business are either destroyed or stolen. From the pens, paper, and electronics, to the tables, chairs, and pot plants… Each item plays a role (no matter how insignificant you think it is), and if the worst happened, then you’d be in a pretty poor position to continue building your empire.

Luckily, the king has a back-up plan with our royal office contents insurance.

Why it’s an important policy to consider

The bottom line is that if you’ve invested in an office space to run your business, it’s important to protect it. We don’t judge what you fill your office with (seriously, you should see what we’ve filled ours with) but we do strongly urge you to insure these items.

There are about 100 reasons to consider office contents insurance, but the most important is that these types of items are super easy to steal and damage. Office equipment is written off all the time, whether it’s an accidental trip over a pen on the floor that destroys the fabulously expensive printer (you know, the type that also makes you a cup of tea) or a heist that’s made off with all the electronics. And your ‘boss of the year’ mug, which is confusing… Unless there was a boss-thief who felt like he had done a particularly good job and wanted a mug to acknowledge this.

Altogether, these things add up and you might not be in a position to repair or replace these items. Even if you were able to buy a couple of new computers, it would have an impact on your year-end results and could play a part in any down-sizing decisions. It’s just not worth the risk.

Our royal business insurance is the answer

We don’t do anything without relying on the advice of experts. That’s the main reason why we took the time to build a professional business insurance team that understand the unique risks and perils that your business’s office is vulnerable to. More than just turning to our own experts, we also make sure to only work through your broker so that we can make absolutely sure that your offices are insured against relevant risks.

Don’t feel discounted if you don’t have a broker, because we’ll look for and connect you with 1 who is best suited to you and your type of business.

Click here to give your business our royal touch.