Our royal guide to multi-car insurance

No person is an island (or so we’ve heard), and very few people live alone. That’s just a fact. Between your partner, kids, other family members, and any additional souls you’ve given home and board to, you might not be able to find a moment of peace. In fact, you might be dreaming of your very own island, with heaps of quiet and solitary toilet time. But let’s be real, you’d probably miss all the noise and buzz and come blazing back home after a day of solitude…

In these full households you often find that there’s a multi-car situation. And we’ve found that most of the time, people will insure their first car to protect themselves against accidents and theft. Good on them! Sadly, though, that’s where it stops. Any other cars are left as naked as chubby babies, and just as vulnerable to whatever harm could come their way.

We’ve seen it happen far too often, where families who depend on their second and third cars can’t afford to repair or replace them after the worst happens. So we did something about it. A few years ago, we launched a way for every 1 to get super cheap, multi-car insurance for all their cars.

What is multi-car insurance?

Multi-car insurance means different things to different insurance companies. But to us, it’s another way of talking about our multi-car discount so that you can cover multiple cars with the king and pay less. This way, each car gets its own 5-star level of comprehensive cover with its own excess amount that you’d pay if you claimed, but you pay a percentage less for the protection.

Up to 20% less, actually.

Why do you need this in your life?

You need insurance for more cars for the same reason that you’d need cover for just 1: To cover you against the financial consequences of theft, hi-jackings, accidents, and scrapes and bumps that you cause yourself.

Those costs are no joke and so few of us can just pay for them out of our own pockets, so that’s 1 really good reason.

The other reason why you need our royal car insurance for all your wheels is because it’s far cheaper than any other cover you’ll find. Let us explain. Basically, you get a discount of up to 20% for insuring multiple cars with the king. And then each car’s monthly discounted premium will decrease further every single month, in line with the depreciating value of each car.

So, you’ll start by paying less and then you’ll pay less and less with each passing month. Which is a pretty good reason to do the right thing and insure your cars.

Get in touch with the king today and find out more about our multi-car discount. Better yet, get a quote and see how little you could pay to insure all your cars.