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The Saffa hall of fame: Our top South African icons

South Africa, known for its world-famous braais, the Big 5, and Table Mountain, has been home to some truly unforgettable characters. With a heritage that’ll make you chuckle and ponder in equal measure, let’s dive into the legends who’ve made Mzansi the magnificent nation it is. Nelson ‘Madiba magic’ Mandela Once labelled a troublemaker, Madiba transformed into the nation’s beloved […]

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Siya Kolisi: The South African dream embodied

In a land known for its diversity, rich heritage, and breathtaking landscapes, it’s the individuals who stand tall, representing hope and unity, that truly capture the essence of South Africa. One such individual is Siya Kolisi, the rugby superstar, whose journey is more than just about sports. It’s the embodiment of the South African dream. From humble beginnings to global […]

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Insurance lingo 101: Hilariously complex jargon made simple

If you’ve ever tried reading an insurance document and felt like you stumbled into an advanced Latin class, you’re not alone! Insurance lingo can be tricky, with words that sound like they belong in a medieval spell book. But fret not, brave reader. We’ve delved into the whimsical world of King Price’s dictionary to decode the jargon and make insurance, […]

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How much car insurance costs for teenagers

Putting a young person behind the wheel of a car can be a terrifying prospect for parents. However, investing in driving lessons and ensuring that they know the ‘no seat belt, no driving’ rule can help. Additionally, getting car insurance is an absolute necessity because accidents happen, especially when drivers have fewer kilometres under their (fan) belt and are still […]

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Tips to reduce how much data you use

South Africa has 1 of the highest data costs in Africa. We all know that we’re paying a lot for data, which is frustrating, but when you actually know that it’s so much more than everyone else, it’s downright annoying. In case you’re wondering, the average of 1GB of prepaid mobile data came to around R37 at the last check. […]

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What NOT to do when specifying your portable possessions

What NOT to do when specifying your portable possessions Portable possessions is a collective name for the type of insurance that covers the items that tend to leave your house. We’re talking about your cellphone, designer threads, laptop, and that sort of thing. Essentially, if you take it out and about with you, then it gets insured by portable possessions […]

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