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04Dec 2019
Beef up your car insurance before you go on holiday

The time is fast approaching. The time when you can take leave, kick off your office shoes, and unwind. At this stage, you’ve probably got your plans set and know exactly where you’re travelling to, whether it’s local fun spots or heading further afield for your vacation. Either way, you’ll be on the road during […]

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27Nov 2019
Avoid driver’s fatigue

There’s a lot of bad press (and for good reason) about the dangers of driving while using your cellphone or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These 2 circumstances are just a big no-no. Don’t update Facebook or add a pic of traffic to the gram while you’re winding your way home. […]

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20Nov 2019
What you need to do once you’re insured

Right, so you’ve joined our kingdom. You’ve got the king’s royal car insurance for your baby and you’re loving the fact that your premiums are hilariously cheap. You might think that that’s it. There’s nothing more to do be said or done, but you’d be wrong. Not to sound creepy or anything, but in fact, […]

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13Nov 2019
Moving in December? Here’s how to make sure it goes smoothly

We were flabbergasted at just how many people move houses towards the end of the year. No, seriously. Apparently November to January are the most popular months in which to take all your stuff and put it into another house. There are a bunch of reasons for this, some random and some thoughtfully considered. For […]

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06Nov 2019
Waterproof your home

Some areas of the country are still waiting for the rain to fall, while in others, it doesn’t feel like the summer fun has really begun because of all the grey skies and rain-soaked days. Sounds poetic (if we dare say so ourselves) but the chaps without rain are suffering and the 1s who haven’t […]

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30Oct 2019
How to cope with power outages while you’re away

Seems like load shedding is back. And with it, all types of power outages. We’re trying to ignore it, but the thing is… Come December, while we’re off making merry away from home, the power could very well go out and this shoots up your risk as a homeowner. Why? Oh gosh, thanks for asking.

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