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10Apr 2019
The insurance discount you need
The insurance discount you need

There’s lots of talk about how you can reduce your insurance premiums. Most of us already know that you can get your car insurance premium to come down a bit if you request a higher excess. Like, if your monthly premium is R850 and your excess is R3,500 then you can ask your insurer to […]

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03Apr 2019
3 steps to buying your first motorbike

Are you a motorbike enthusiast without a ride? Does the call of the road, the lure of black leathers, and the excitement of an unplanned adventure with fellow bikers beckon to you? Then you’ve probably visited your fair share of dealerships and websites, looking for the perfect motorbike. Of course, you can’t go on price, […]

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01Apr 2019
Royal retentions vacancy

Wish you could work with a crazy cool team and get free popcorn and slushies while you’re at it? Well, now you can! We’re looking for an insurance-savvy retentions advisor to join our kingdom, build relationships with our clients and provide them with friendly, top-notch service. Think you’ve got what it takes? Read on. Requirements: […]

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14Feb 2019
Crowned 1 of SA’s most trusted insurers (and definitely most royal Valentine)

Get your swoon on this Valentine’s Day (and if the hearts and kisses make you weak at the knees, it’s okay, the king’s got you covered)… Delivered in a flurry of red and white petals, news just in from the kingdom is that the people have truly spoken. South Africa’s king of insurance, King Price, […]

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12Feb 2019
It’s never too early to save for your Next December holiday

Wait, didn’t we just enjoy our December holidays? Yes, well… We all had such a great time that we just can’t wait for the next round of family fun and feasting. Wouldn’t you agree? Maybe you’ve already had a few thoughts about how you’d want to do things a bit better, like switching to a […]

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05Feb 2019
OUT with the old, in with the king

Decreasing premiums = major savings It’s no secret that no 1 wants to pay more for car insurance than they should. And yet, if you’re paying the same premium every single month, you probably are! You see, your car’s value is constantly dropping. So, really, you’re just paying the same (or more) for something that’s […]

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