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From the king and his family, to you and your family… Something to keep your littlies busy so you can focus on, well, staying sane while on #lockdown! #MakingADifference #StayPutBeLekker #YoureWelcome Download

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Tips to stay sane during the Coronavirus lockdown

On 23 March 2020, it might have been your birthday, your anniversary, or some other special day that was a little eclipsed by the presidential address where the nation was told that we’d be put in lockdown for 21 days. It should’ve been scary (and it kind of was) but we felt unified and proud of the measures that the […]

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A little COVID-19 FAQ for all the newbies out there

In the recent presidential address and in the news generally, we’ve been introduced to a heap of new words related to COVID-19. It’s basically like we need to learn a new language. Previously, we thought that a lot of these words were made up to tell those awful zombie stories, but turns out that words like epidemic, self-monitoring, quarantining, and […]

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Tips to occupy your kids at home during COVID-19 self-isolation

Recently, our president announced that schools would be closed until Easter (hopefully) and with that, many of us have scrambled to make plans to have the kids at home. For some, this is a matter of juggling working from home with kids thrown into the mix, which can seem almost impossible without sticking them in front of the TV for […]

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What to do if your phone’s stolen

It’s a traumatic day when your cellphone (or should we say ‘lifeline’) is stolen. The loss is just shy of devastating and can leave you feeling helpless. Losing your cellphone to theft is, generally speaking, a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ and because it’s almost a certainty that you’ll experience this loss at least once in your life, we thought […]

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Wanted… Mid-weight bilingual copywriter

Remuneration: Basic salary + happiness factor Location: Menlyn, Pretoria Education level: Degree or diploma Job level: Mid Type: Permanent Company:  King Price Insurance King Price is the cool kid in the insurance sector. We take what we do very seriously, but ourselves… Not so much! Our marketing team is a lean, mean, communication machine. We’re small, we’re efficient, and we’re […]

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