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26May 2015
A world without insurance

Insurance should be a way of life. It offers you peace of mind in the event of any incident, ensuring that you’re financially covered…. And by a king no less. Without it, you might have a few extra bucks in the bank, but the real question is, for how long?

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20May 2015
What to look for in a new car

Buying a new car is a reason for celebration, but it can also be the cause of many sleepless nights. As you know, that new set of wheels is going to start depreciating the moment you turn it out of the dealership, which means that you need to think carefully about how you’re going to […]

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19May 2015
My parents were right: Car insurance

As long as there have been cars on the road, there have also been fender-benders, pedestrian incidents and  unfortunate accidents. If you’ve ever faced the financial consequences of these circumstances, it’s hard not to hear your parents’ voices in your head. They always seem armed with wise sayings, and probably told you all about the […]

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13May 2015
Using the king’s insurance inventory list

Turning your home into a place that represents who you are can cost huge amounts of money, from those comfortable pieces of furniture to your state-of-the-art TV…. And what about those expensive family heirlooms that have been in your family for generations? Unfortunately, and as much as we’d like to, we can’t stay home all […]

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07May 2015
driving distracted
5 Dangerous driving distractions

Your safety is the king’s concern, always! That’s why I want to make sure that when you get behind the wheel of your car, you are fully present and focused. It’s easy, especially when you have hours of traffic, endless potholes and another set of robots out to get distracted on the roads, especially when… […]

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29Apr 2015
Top apps for your car

There are so many smart phone apps out there, that it can be hard to know which one is right for you, and which ones are just a waste of bandwidth. The king’s been looking around on your behalf, and I’ve found the most useful and best priced apps for you to download that will […]

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