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28Jan 2015
Car Rental & Car Insurance
Car rental from the king

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had personal teleportation devices in our home, and we could just say ‘beam me up’ anytime we wanted to travel anywhere in the country? Sadly, while we wait for that to happen, we’ll just have to make do with regular old road travel and etolls.

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21Jan 2015
I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man

If you’re someone whose job requires spending a lot of time in your car, and on the road, then your day is distinctly different from the people who clock in and stay at their desk for their daily 9-5…. Which means that so are your car insurance needs.

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14Jan 2015
Our royal family values

At King Price, we treat one another like family…. So yes, there is a lot of hair pulling and water balloon fighting, but it also means that there’s always a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on! On this week’s ‘a word from the king’, I want to share our family values with you.

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07Jan 2015
Let the king cover your new goodies in 2015

Ah, January, you are a cruel mistress….Despite being only 31 days long, January is still the longest month of the year for most of us. Our year-end bonuses have long since been spent on gadgets, goodies and holidays, and we’re all just counting the days till our next payday.

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17Dec 2014
Are we there yet?

I know that many of you are planning to travel across our vast and beautiful country over the December break. But before you pack your padkos and practice screaming ‘I swear, I will turn this car around!’, please read our road trip safety tips on this week’s ‘a word from the king’. Your safety is our concern…. […]

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03Dec 2014
How to keep your castle safe while you’re on holiday

Summer’s here, and while you might be more concerned with making sure you’ve got enough sunscreen and spending money for your December holidays, I suggest you also spend a little time making sure your home will be protected while you’re away soaking up the sun.

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